Two of the Most Boston Guys Ever Found the Red Sox AL East Title Banner and Wanted to Hold It For Ransom

First of all, it’s videos like these that make people think that all people from Massachusetts are the same. These are the only ones that ever go viral. We either have this or the one from a couple of years back where Jay and his buddy found that “fahk*n baby whale” in the Harbor.

Regardless, this is a fire video. From start to finish it’s actually astonishing how stereotypical “Boston” these two guys are. To have a name like “Louie” already means that you’re a Sox fan from the suburbs of Boston who lives for Dunks and has fought everyone that has ever said the word “Yankees” without the word “suck” after it.

We’re all calling BS here though right? Louie, my man, I get that you won’t be ratting yourself out anytime soon but am I supposed to believe that the Red Sox AL East title banner just fell out of a truck on the side of the road in Somerville? What? Are baseball teams carrying their crap around in pickup trucks? Come on now.

I’ve watched the video five times and I’m rattled that these people are real human beings. When Hollywood makes movies with Boston based characters, this is literally who everyone is. If Mark Wahlberg is in it you better believe that his boys are dropping their Rs and telling everyone to go screw but in a friendly, “I’m your buddy and I love you” kind of way.

To be honest, I’m actually shocked that the Red Sox didn’t give them anything in return for bringing the banner back. They wanted some “nice” playoff tickets as they said in the video but as it turns out, the Sox just took it back and sent them on their way. See, there’s no chance these guys just found it on the road and Fenway knows that. I don’t know how, but they stole this.

And by the way guys, have you ever been to a Sox game? Those things are all on the outside of the ballpark, not on the Monster. Get it together boys.

Anyone else worried about the bad juju after the world seeing the AL East Championship banner before the team’s even clinched? If they don’t win the east, man, try and tell me that jinxes aren’t a thing.

Last thing though. Laugh out loud funny when they started talking about the fake banner and telling people that it isn’t the original like it would upset anyone. Got ’em.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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