Red Sox Fail to Secure the AL East, Lose to Yankees 3-2

I really don’t want to talk much today. I was excited to fire up a blog this morning talking about how ironic it is that the Red Sox clinched the American League East AT Yankee Stadium when everyone expected Judge and Giancarlo to run through the division. Instead, I had to watch the bullpen collapse. Really calms my nerves with October coming up.

Look, the Red Sox will win the AL East this year. Even with Aaron Judge returning last night, it is way too late for New York. Boston is 10.5 games up on the Yankees with 11 games to go. Boston’s schedule isn’t particularly easy at the end of the year facing the Indians and Yankees in one more series a piece, but they also play Baltimore. If they don’t win at least one game against Baltimore than there is something wrong.

What is really wrong is the bullpen. I can’t talk about it anymore. There is no one you can trust except Craig Kimbrel. The other guy I did trust was Ryan Brasier, who came in last night just to give up an absolute moonshot to journeyman Neil Walker.

The Sox had the lead most of the game. Nathan Eovaldi pitched great after a couple of bad outings. It is just too bad that the bullpen had to blow it for him. Will that happen in the postseason? I really have no idea.

I am excited as ever regarding the MLB playoffs. The National League Wild Card race has really got me going and I’m ready to see the same action on the American League side. Whether it be against the Oakland Athletics or New York Yankees, I want to see some exciting Red Sox baseball. I just hope the bullpen doesn’t end the excitement to early.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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