Trying to Predict this years College Football

With the college football season set to kick off Saturday, I am going to try and predict (impossible!) what this years college season is going to look like.  Now bare with me it could get rough if you support some of the teams that I dismiss, however don’t worry nothing could be worse….unless you’re a Michigan fan.  Ok lets get started.

Heisman Winner– Jerry Jeudy

First off, Jerry Jeudy is a man playing among boys.  This guy is an absolute stud who is projected to go top 2? from last time I saw a way too early Mel Kiper draft board.  But Jeudy is awesome.  As of right now Las Vegas has Jeudy tied for seventh and at +3000.  This is a great value bet too.  Jeudy is going to be playing all the games that Tua does, and he is Tua’s number one receiver.  Last season Jeudy had 68 catches for 14 touchdowns which according to others in the country was mediocre for the caliber of a receiver that Jeudy is.  But let’s not forget that Alabama’s first team didn’t play the second half of games because the SEC is a shit conference.  Jeudy reminds a lot of people of Julio Jones and AJ Green when they were in college.  They were studs and absolutely unguardable.  I plan on seeing Jeudy in NYC for the Heisman ceremony baring any severe injury.


The Best Team—Clemson

The best team doesn’t mean they are going to win it all, I want to make that clear.  I think Clemson is the best team in the country with Lawrence as their QB.  Granted they did lose a lot of players on defense but this team is still so so so good and they showed it every game last year.  Clemson will go wire-to-wire as the number one team in the country, but I’m not necessarily saying they are going to win again.

The Worst Team (among current preseason poll)—Oregon

Oregon is not good.  I wish I could just say that and move on from it, but the stupid media and ESPN are making it hard because they want you to watch Oregon.  Oregon was 9-4 last year.  Not a bad record at all, but not National Championship talks either.  The country is so high on Justin Herbert that they forget he didn’t beat a single good team.  If you’re in the PAC and you want to be a legit team you have to win your ranked games.  Herbert and Oregon won one out of four ranked teams they faced.  Herbert also put up average numbers, 29 touchdowns on 59% passing.  Also all PAC teams are considered to not have strong defenses and until Oregon can show me they do, their offense isn’t going to win them games.

College Football Playoff Prediction

I think there are six teams that can make the playoffs and win the whole thing: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, OSU, and Notre Dame.  I’m leaving LSU out for now because they play both Alabama and Georgia and they aren’t going to beat both of them.  So my predictions for the four are going to be: (1) Clemson vs. (4) Alabama and (2) Georgia vs (3) Notre Dame.  Clemson is going to go undefeated pretty simple.  Now, in week 3 Georgia and Notre Dame will meet and I think that will be the best game of the year, but Georgia will win on a late game drive.  Notre Dame will then finish the year with only one loss.  Georgia and Alabama will then meet in the SEC Championship game and Georgia will finally beat their most hated rival.  So the two locks will be Clemson and Georgia.

This is where ND and Alabama are going to get some help.  Oklahoma no matter how good they are will always lose a game every year.  This year will be no different.  I think Oklahoma will lose at Texas, and their season will be done from their even if they win the Big-12.

I have a feeling that OSU is going to lose in week 5 at Nebraska.  That game will probably be the prime time game, and Scott Frost will have those Corn boys ready to play.  OSU has all the cards stacked against them this year: new coach, new QB, and a ton of hype.

Once the committee sees this then they do something they haven’t done in the past and that’s actually put the four best teams in the playoff.  If ND and Alabama’s sole lose is to the second best team in the country, and they win out then they both 100% deserve to be in.  This just shows how good Georgia is.  Now that I got my reasoning out of the way lets get back to the playoff games.

Clemson vs Alabama is going to great football once again.  But Clemson has Tua’s number and I think they beat him up again.  Dabo is a crazy person who will have him completely figured out like he did in last year’s championship game.  Clemson 34-24.

Georgia vs ND will be a rematch of the week three game that Georgia barely pulled out at home.  Emphasis on the home.  Notre Dame will beat Georgia on a neutral field.  Notre Dame is a good team.  They lost of great players, but that’s the perks of being a big name school — you get high ranked recruits and people fill in.  Ian Book and the ND defense will have a great day on both sides of the ball and once again that game will end in a late game drive.

National Champion– Notre Dame

Clemson vs. Notre Dame.  Clemson is really really really good, but Notre Dame made the playoffs and wore throwbacks the entire year for this reason — to win it all.  After beating Georgia, Brian Kelly will have them so fired up because you know he’ll be playing their playoff game last year on the jumbotron that they won’t lose.  They will probably be like +10 point underdogs too and in the championship game give me the points and the under.  But the points won’t matter.  Notre Dame is going to win this game outright and the whole college football world is going to be mad except for Lee Corso and I.  Ian Book might be the perfect QB in the country.  He simply doesn’t make mistakes.  He hardly ever turns the ball over, and is extremely accurate.  Not to mention he gets his teammates fired up.  Us Irish fans were beyond happy when Book took over the starting job after week 3 last year, and look what he did from there on out.

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