Jerry Jones Apparently Doesn’t Care If Ezekiel Elliot’s There to Start the Season

This contract situation going on down in Dallas is getting asinine. First off, can I say that I absolutely hate that we have to deal with this now every single year? I get it for running backs, I guess. They have shorter careers than other skill positions and want to get paid early. But Ezekiel Elliot’s 24 years old. That’s it. Demanding more money this early is a little wild to me but I guess that’s just where we’re at this point in the NFL. I mean, look at the Chargers situation with Melvin Gordon too right now. You never know who will be there to start the season.

And apparently, Jerry Jones is either trying to play with Zeke a little bit and say, “we don’t need you”, or he actually doesn’t care if his best offensive weapon is on the field for a majority of the season.


Jerry. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. What are we doing here? Again, I know that Zeke’s young and honestly, probably shouldn’t be holding out already. Even if he waited another year and sought another deal with his one year remaining, I’d get it. But for him to already be looking to become the highest-paid running back in the league? My man, you got a little too much dip on your chip.

But Jerry shouldn’t be poking the bear here. He’ll hold out as long as he can until he gets his deal and if you’re straight out saying that you want him back before the postseason, what’s his incentive to cave this early? Because if I’m Zeke, I’m taking that quote as, if I hold out long enough, they’ll give me what I want to either make the postseason, or they’ll give me what I want so we have a shot in the postseason.

This is foolish of me to say because we know Jerry Jones by now. But every once in a while he’s got to just keep his mouth shut and let things play out behind closed doors. Not everything needs to be in the public eye. Is he a content legend? Sure. He’s entertained the hell out of me over the years. But if you want your franchise running back who frankly, is a large reason why your team is consistently competitive on the offensive side of the ball, go the Bill Belichick route and just avoid contract questions. But for my sake, just keep doing what you always do, Jerry.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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