Rob Gronkowski’s Big Announcement? He’s Partnering With CBD Oil Products

We all knew that Rob Gronkowski was going to be making a big announcement. Some thought he could have a career in the WWE. Others thought he would be starring in a major motion picture. A few even thought he would be making a comeback this year to the NFL. Well, everyone was wrong on all accounts. Gronk came out today to announce that he would be an advocate for CBD products.

There’s a few things to make of this big announcement.

Gronk Was More Hurt Than We Originally Thought

You might need tissues for this next tidbit. Rob Gronkowski was in so much pain after the latest Patriots Super Bowl win, that he cried himself to sleep. When we think of Gronk, we think of toughness and athleticism. Fans never think about Gronk breaking down and showing emotion toward many years of pain. Imagine crying in pain, after winning your third Super Bowl in your career? I can’t imagine how much pain must have been in Gronk’s body. He should have been sleeping happily after another Super Bowl title.

Gronk Hasn’t Ruled Out A Comeback To Football In The Future

While Gronk is new to the advocating for CBD game, he hasn’t said he wouldn’t come back to the game. It’s clear Gronk needs some time away from the game. Heck, Gronk even said it himself! But, we would love to see Gronk back on the field at some point. There is still some talent in that man that needs to come out. But for now, Gronk is still retired. In the next few years though, don’t be surprised if the former tight end puts the pads back on for the Patriots.

In Conclusion

Good for Gronk for finding something that he’s happy about for the long-term. He loves these products and says they have helped him become pain-free. So for now, I’m sure Gronk’s picture will be plastered all around to endorse the CBD brand. We hope to see you on the field again at some point in the future, Gronk. But for now, enjoy being pain-free and live your life to the fullest!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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