Top Five Fantasy Football Offenses of 2021

Fantasy Offense Outlook 2021

Fantasy Football is right around the corner. Do not worry though because we got you covered on exactly what offensive units you want your rosters to be stacked with. It is always risky to draft quarterbacks high in your leagues. However, if you are going to do it you might as well do it right. Get a QB from our list of units that will be exploding with yards and touchdowns each and every Sunday. So let’s get into the top five fantasy football offenses going into the 2021 season.

1.) Kansas City Chiefs

Honestly, who else would come in at #1 besides Mahomes and his squad. This offense continues to do incredible things each and every week no matter the opponent. The Buccaneers blowout Super Bowl win will have this unit as hungry as ever to prove once again they are the best offense in the league. Clyde Edwards Helaire should be a PPR machine and a Touchdown vulture. Hill and Kelce will do everything you ask and more and both should be taken in the first round.

2.) The Cleveland Browns

Whether it is Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt being the best backfield duo in the league or Landry and OBJ doing it through the air this offense will be something special. Baker Mayfield had the chance in 2020 to prove he is the guy for this franchise. And in doing so, the curse of the hopeless Browns will finally come to an end. Mayfield literally has a chance to be the MVP of the league this year.

With the addition of Clowney and John Johnson on the Defense look for more turnovers created which results in better field position and more points for the Offense. The Cleveland Browns can be a 12 or 13 win team in 2021. Nick Chubb can easily lead the NFL in Touchdowns while Hunt remains one of the best pass catching backs in the league.

3.) The Seattle Seahawks

MVP Russ was set to be in stone for 2020 until Aaron Rodgers decided to throw for 48 Touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett continue to give Defensive Coordinators nightmares. It does not matter if their offensive line and running game is inconsistent. The Seahawks will be going up and down the field and whoever is their lead back each week is set for a goal line Touchdown. Wilson will lead his team to another double digit win season and it will all be because of the passing game.

4.) The Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen, Stefan Diggs, and who ever else lines up with them any given Sunday. Emmanuel Sanders still has some left in the tank and we saw that last year with the Saints. Diggs will remain a top wideout in the league. As we know, Josh Allen can get it done both in the air and with his legs.

Zach Moss was having a tremendous postseason before injuring his ACL in their victory over the Colts. Buffalo should find themselves in the red zone often and whoever wins the starting running back position should score 10 plus TD’s.

5.) Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert showed out in his rookie year and I believe his second season will be even better. With Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and newly drafted K.J. Hill out of Ohio State added to the mix there is no lack of pass catchers. Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson are great PPR options and this Offense should light it up each week in their new dome stadium.

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-Fred O’Brien (@FOBSportsNFL)

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