Could the Patriots make a play on Xavien Howard?

When a really good player is unhappy, you have to think your favorite team would want him, right? Even if it isn’t  really possible. That’s the case that we find ourselves in here. Xavien Howard of the Miami Dolphins is unhappy with his contract situation. So could this mean that the Patriots could make a move on Xavien Howard? Let’s take a look at a few tidbits to consider.

What’s the Deal with Stephon Gilmore?

The first thing we need to consider is what the deal is with Stephon Gilmore. Reports out there are saying Gilmore is close to potentially re-signing with the Patriots. Heck, I even think he’s going to end up coming back! But we can’t be 100% certain on that. So if Gilmore for whatever reason doesn’t sign, wouldn’t it make sense for the Patriots to at least take a flyer on a potential Xavien Howard trade?

Xavien Howard and How He Can Help the Patriots

Xavien Howard was selected to the Pro Bowl for his 2020 season. In 16 games, Howard had 10 interceptions along with 20 pass deflections and had a forced fumble. He also had 51 total tackles on the season. So Howard gives off J.C. Jackson vibes in the sense that he is always around the ball. That wouldn’t be a bad thing for the Patriots, who are looking to improve on an average to mediocre defense from 2020. Just saying, Howard would be a big lift to an already talented secondary.

In Conclusion

Do I think Xavien Howard ends up a Patriot? No. Why? Well, because his contract probably would have to be renegotiated. That’s something Howard won’t want to do. It helps that Howard has experience playing in the AFC East. But all in all, I don’t see it realistically happening. However…anything can happen. It’s a pipe dream. But it’s a cool pipe dream to have before the season starts!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter) 

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