Top 50 Basketball Players of All-Time: 30-21

30 Isiah Thomas (1981–1994) PG: The leader of “The Bad Boy Pistons”, Thomas played his entire career with Detroit. He led the team to back to back championships and winning the Finals MVP in the latter.

29 Scottie Pippen (1987–2004) SF: While Michael Jordan was Batman, he wouldn’t be Batman without his Robin, Scottie Pippen. Part of the Bulls’ dynasty of the 90s, Pippen won 6 rings and was a 7 times All-Star in that time span. He was also one of the best defensive players of the decade as he made the All-Defensive 1st Team 8-times.

28 Charles Barkley (1984–2000) PF: While he’s more well-known for being an analyst on TV today, Charles Barkley was a baller back in his day. “Sir Charles” was the 1993 MVP and was named to 11 All-Star teams. Chuck was also one of the best trash-talkers in NBA history.

Charles Barkley was one of the best players of the 90s.

27 Dwyane Wade (2003–Present) SG/PG: Without a doubt, Dwyane Wade was and still is one of the best shooting guards of this century. He had an incredible postseason run in 2006 as he averaged over 28 points and won the Finals MVP for the Miami Heat. He added another 2 rings to his collection when his good friend LeBron James joined the Heat.

26 Elvin Hayes (1968–1984) PF/C: Not only does Elvin Hayes rank 10th all-time in scoring with 27,313 points, but he also ranks 4th all-time in rebounding with 16,279 boards. Hayes made the All-Star team 12-times as well.

25 Rick Barry (1965–1980) SF: Similar to George Gervin, Rick Barry is an ABA/NBA legend. Not only was Barry a 5-time All-NBA 1st teamer but he also made All-ABA 1st team 4 times. Barry also helped lead the Warriors to the 1975 NBA Championship as he won the Finals MVP.

24 David Robinson (1989–2003) C: Better known as “The Admiral”, David Robinson was a beast in his prime. Not only is he one of four players ever to win an MVP and Defensive Player of the Year; but he led the NBA in scoring, rebounding, and blocks all in different seasons. Safe to say Robinson really could do it all.

David Robinson and Tim Duncan were known as “The Twin Towers”.

23 Bob Pettit (1954–1965) PF/C: The 1st player to ever win the NBA MVP, Pettit was one of the first stars the NBA ever had. His career averages of 26 points and 16 rebounds led to become a 10-time All-NBA 1st Teamer. He also beat the Boston Celtics during their dynasty to win his only championship.

22 Kevin Durant (2007–Present) SF/PF: Coming off of his 2nd straight championship and his 2nd straight Finals MVP, Kevin Durant has vaulted into the top 25 players of all-time. While many, including me, were critical of his move to Golden St.; you cannot deny that has been the best move for his career. He’s already an MVP, a 9-time All-Star, and a 4-time scoring champ to go along with those 2 rings.

21 Kevin Garnett (1995–2016) PF/C: Maybe the most intense player the game has ever seen, Kevin Garnett was a monster. “The Big Ticket”, like David Robinson, won both the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year to go along with his 15 All-Star appearances. After many years of failure, KG finally cemented his legacy in 2008 when he finally won his 1st and only championship.

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