Fantasy Sleepers at Each Skill Position you Need on your Radar

First of all, let me break down my version of what a sleeper is.  In my book, a sleeper is a player who you can draft late in the draft and they will perform better than you expect them to.  For example, last year Alvin Kamara was a sleeper, who many people took late in the draft (if he was even taken), and he performed like a top fantasy RB almost all year.

QB Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Mahomes is my sleeper for all quarterbacks this year and I’ll tell you why I have him over other guys.  I think Mahomes is going to have a solid year, finish in the top 10 for QBs, and certainly surprise people.  The main reason why he is my sleeper is his big arm.  He can really air the ball out and when you have the fastest guy in the NFL catching your passes (Tyreek Hill), having a cannon for an arm is a recipe for success.

RB Jerick McKinnon, San Francisco 49ers

McKinnon was solid last year as the Vikings back after Dalvin Cook went down.  I think the 49ers RB has a stellar year with head coach Kyle Shanahan and newfound stud Jimmy Garoppolo.  With defenses worried about Jimmy throwing on them, McKinnon will take advantage of some nice running lanes.  Also his ability to catch passes out of the backfield is one of his strong points as a sleeper this year.

RB Rex Burkhead, New England Patriots

Before Dion Lewis lit it up last year, Burkhead was doing pretty solid for the Pats.  I should know because I had Lewis on my fantasy team and Burkhead vultured like 5 touchdowns from Lewis in 2 weeks…. (still pretty salty about that).  Either way though, Rex was the Patriots go-to guy in the goal line situations and I think he has a solid year because of his touchdown numbers.  Lock him in as a solid sleeper target for your draft.

WR Will Fuller V, Houston Texans

Will Fuller was absolutely KILLING it when Deshaun Watson was in at QB.  In the four games they played together, Fuller caught 7 touchdown passes.  That’s absolutely nuts.  If they can both stay healthy this season I could argue Fuller would lead the league in touchdown receptions.  Fuller is absolutely someone you wanna target as a sleeper this year.

TE David Njoku, Cleveland Browns

I’m all in on the Browns this year.  They can’t possibly lose all 16 games with THIS much talent on their roster…. can they?  I think the Browns will surprise a lot of people this year.  With all their offensive talent, I think Njoku is overlooked in a lot of games and has a decent season no matter who is throwing him the ball.  I wouldn’t draft him as your only TE, but in the late rounds of the draft I’d take a shot on this sleeper.

~Jon Tetreault (@JonTetreault13) 

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