Top 10 Kick Returns of All Time

#10 Bethel Johnson vs. Colts

This game was much better known for the famous goal line stand at the end, but Bethel Johnson was one of my favorite under the radar Patriots ever. This was one of his biggest plays he made with his gamebreaking speed. Watch @ 0:35.

#9 Rams Trickoration

Tavon Austin was one of the fastest guys in the league, and well known for his kick returning ability. That’s exactly what makes this tricky fake lead to a Steadman Bailey TD.

#8 WHO did WHAT??

You probably know Woody Dantzler about as well as I do. But what I know for sure is that he should’ve been given more attempts at returning kicks. He walks a tightrope of all tightropes on the way to probably the only TD of his career.

#7 McCluster Makes them all Miss

Dexter McCluster’s career really only ended up with him being best used as a gadget player. He probably ended some careers by putting the entire Giants punt team in a spin cycle on this return.

#6 Hester Opens Up Super Bowl 41

There’s nothing like the greatest return man of all time doing it on the biggest stage. Not only was this the first kick return for a TD in a Super Bowl, it’s still the only opening kick return for a TD. Too bad he didn’t do this on every return so they could’ve had a chance.

#5 Jacoby Raises the Bar

Hester did it first, but Jones did one better. Jacoby took the first kickoff of the second half about as long as a kickoff return can go. He had a great playoff run, and an even better super bowl. The Ravens were thankful that the result was better than Devin’s team in ’06.

#4 Cribbs to the Crib

Josh Cribbs was still probably the best Brown in the last 20 years. This play starts out like a typical “oh no Browns” type play, but man does Cribbs make is special.

#3 The Human Joystick Earns his Name

Dante Hall wasn’t called the human joystick for no reason. He makes all 11 guys on the Broncos kickoff team each miss at least once. His quick feet were unmatched, and that made him so fun to watch.

#2 Devin’s Historic Run

Field Goal returns were all the rage for a while, and Hester was the master. The walking out swag he brought made it all that much better. I watched this over and over as a kid because his speed us so unreal. Even though it was broken, this was much more memorable.

#1 D-Jax Miracle at the Meadowlands

This was the best return, in the most crucial circumstance I’ve ever seen. The cool head to pick up the ball, find a seam, and shoot through it so fast nobody can touch him. Jackson might not have been as good of a returner as Hester, but man he made it happen when it counted most.

Honorable Mention: Dan Connolly was SO Close

This one has a special place in all Pats fans hearts. The big fella just started rolling and nobody could stop him, until he was about 5 yards from paydirt. This will probably always stand as the greatest return by a lineman ever.

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-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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