These Two Red Sox Pitching Prospects Are The Answer

The Red Sox have taken a bashing over the last 2 seasons for their lack of pitching depth. They refuse to go get bullpen arms. Not to mention, they just traded away their best overall player in Mookie Betts and their best pitcher last season in David Price. Ya they have prospects in the system, allegedly, because the Sox always seem to tell us they have “the next guy” but it never really is true now is it? Five of their top 10 prospects overall are pitchers. However, one is in the Navy. The other one is a Tommy John recovery patient and threw 4 innings all of last year. What if I told you though that these two pitching prospects are the answer to the problem?

The first answer is Jay Groome. Ya haven’t heard that name in a while huh? I know me neither, that’s because everyone forgot about him since he missed all of 2018 and most of 2019 while recovering from Tommy John. Well, he should be ready to go for 2020, if it happens. Groome was selected 12th overall by the Red Sox back in 2016. Before the surgery, he was ranked 85th in Baseball’s top 100 prospects. If 2020 is a wash I fully expect to see him make an appearance at some point during the 2021 season, if not on the opening day roster.

The next prospect is Noah Song. Song was a fourth round draft selection in the 2019 draft, out of Navy. He has filthy stuff and will be a force once he makes his first appearance on the mound for the Red Sox. Unfortunately, we have to wait at least another 2 years for that opportunity. Why so long you ask? Oh because Song is in flight school for the Navy. So apparently he is wicked smaht too. Song must fulfill his 2-year obligation and training to the Navy and then can continue pursuing his professional baseball career.

Come 2022, both these prospects could be toeing the rubber at Fenway Park. They could be joining the likes of Sale and E-Rod in the rotation. If these two prospects pan out, I think they will but again its the Red Sox. That could be a very dominant 4 man rotation. Keep an eye and ear out for them because they are coming.

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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