Tom Brady from a New York Fan’s Perspective

“Where do I even begin? I actually can’t believe I’m currently even writing this blog. But, the inevitable day has come. Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots. If you don’t believe it, let me write it again. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is leaving the New England Patriots after 20 seasons.” Al wrote these beautiful words and it perfectly sums up every non-Patriots fan feelings as well. You can read his full article here:


While all of New England is grieving and complaining about 2020, my 2020 just got infinitely better.

As a New Yorker

Since moving to New England in 2014, the Patriots have been in four Super Bowls and have won three of them. It has been a nightmare having the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics all be amazing at the same time. Boston sports fans have been spoiled. To put things in perspective, when Patriots beat the Rams in the Super Bowl, a four month old in Boston had seen more championships in their life time than a 45 year old Knicks, Mets, and Jets fan. I am two of those things. I, Peter Chatterton, a die hard New York sports fan, actively cheered for the Eagles against the Pats in the Super Bowl. That is how much I cannot stand Tom Brady and the Patriots. I know this is a Boston sports blog, but those are my true feelings and I have made them publicly known for a long time.

The One thing I had Going for Me

What I did have was the right to tell Patriot fans that it was my Giants who ended their perfect season and beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl not once, but twice. Those Super Bowls have been the only time that I have experienced a championship from one of my favorite teams and I will cherish those memories as long as I live. I would constantly remind my friends of those moments and would ask clarifying questions such as “Which time?” when talking about the Giants and Patriots.

My Feelings Now

It was never Brady by himself. It was the combination of Brady, the Patriots, and living in New England that caused these feelings for me. He can go on to win 6 more Super Bowls with the Chargers or Raiders and I wouldn’t care. At the same time, you have to tip your cap. To do what Brady and the Patriots did will almost certainly never be matched. You have to recognize greatness when it happens and Tom Brady wasn’t just great, he was the best to ever throw a football. Take a screen shot Al, print it out, and frame it. Tom Brady is the best to ever play the quarterback position. I know this is common knowledge, but I never wanted to admit it. A new wave of great quarterbacks are here now, but we still need to take time and appreciate legends while they are still here.

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-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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