My Predictions for the 2020 March Madness

I know this is a difficult time for all us sports fans – basketball in particular but we will get through this.  Words can’t express how excited I was for this year’s March Madness.  I think this would have been one of the more competitive years because of the lack of a true Number 1 but the world will never know what could have been.  So, I will be giving the Couch Guy fan base my 2020 predictions based on Joe Lunardi’s ESPN bracket: http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology

Final Four

Based on Lunardi’s bracket, I think the Final Four would have consisted of: (1) Kansas, (5) Butler, (3) Seton Hall, and (1) Baylor.  Two Big 12 and two Big East.  I think Kansas would have had the hardest path to the Final Four by a decent margin.  They’d have to beat Auburn, Wisconsin, Duke or Kentucky to even get there.  I think that seems very unfair and granted this whole thing would have probably switched depending on conference champions, but still.  All four of those teams were at the top of their conferences and to put Kansas through that test would have been extremely fun to watch and a bitch to play if you were Kansas.

However, at the end I think Kansas would have prevailed over either Duke or Kentucky.  I think the easiest side by far would be Baylor’s.  Like the only challenge there would have been Creighton and even then, Baylor is significantly better than every team on that side.

Now for the two middle seeds.  I think the East Division would have came down to a Big East final between Butler and Villanova.  These teams split their meetings this year and a rubber match would have been right.  Going up against Jay Wright in March is scary.  The guy has totally dominated March the past fours years and this team he had this season could have made a sneaky run at it all.

However, what came down to the deciding factor is that Butler had the senior leadership and kind of willed their way to the Final Four.  Their path wasn’t too hard.  I think they would have beaten Maryland (Mark Turgeon has lost that program) and Dayton just didn’t feel right as a 1-seed.  They get by those two and then see themselves up against their rival Villanova.  Also how can you not root for Butler when they have a Twitter account for their dog mascot: https://twitter.com/ButlerBlue3

Finally this would bring us to Seton Hall and the West Division.  Similar to the East, Seton Hall wouldn’t have gotten much of a challenge until Gonzaga or Oregon in the Elite Eight.  SDST, similar to Dayton, just doesn’t feel right as a high seed.  They haven’t played a blue blood like Seton Hall and Myles Powell.  Gonzaga vs. Seton Hall would have been entertaining as hell though.  Mark Few is as good of a coach as they come, and Powell would have put on a show against Gonzaga.

^Guys a killer (I know it’s from last season)


(1) Kansas vs. (3) Seton Hall

What can I say, Kansas worked their tail off the whole season and has the division of death.  They deserve a championship, but it would be close.  Seton Hall and Powell would not have went down easy.  He probably would have had 25 points, but at the end of the day Kansas is just built to win this year.  Udoka Azubuike is unstoppable and Dotson and De Sousa would have proved why they are the best combo guards in the country.  Bill Self and Kansas deserve it this year.  They have been all around it for years now, but just haven’t had the pieces to get it done.  But this year they would have and it’s a shame we will never get to see it.

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-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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