Time For MLB Teams To Stop Bowing Down To Covid

Last night, the Red Sox Yankees game was canceled due to a handful of MLB Covid cases. Now, they weren’t all positive cases, and the reason I say a handful is because the Yankees had three positive cases, and of those three, rumor has, it 2 of them were at the All-Star festivities with five other Red Sox All-Stars. It’s no secret now that Covid can quickly spread and is a severe issue that people need to continue to take seriously. What is a little questionable and that I don’t have the answer to is the Yankees are one of the teams below that 85% vaccinated threshold for players fully vaccinated, so that should help police these types of things from happening; right? Anyway, that’s enough of trying to figure out this god-awful virus.

MLB Can’t Continue Canceling Games

I will start by saying this, in no way, shape, or form am I telling anyone to get vaccinations or not. I understand that is a personal decision and who am I to tell anyone else what to do. However, I am saying it’s time for the MLB to stop bending over to Covid. What I mean by this is, if you have players on your team that are not vaccinated for whatever reason, that should be viewed as a potential competitive disadvantage. If you get Covid or are a close contact of someone that has it, your team goes on without you. Next guy up! Yes, I understand that could lead to people saying that it pressures players to get vaccinations.

My response to that, take it as you will. Again, not telling anyone what to do. The MLB has to put out to all the teams that if you have a situation like what happened with Red Sox and Yankees, we are not moving games around for you anymore. If you have cases pop up, handle it appropriately, and if it comes down to you only having nine guys ready to play, so be it.

Jobs Can’t Do That

Wrong. Yes, they can and have. The MLB wouldn’t even be the first professional league to do this with Covid. The NFL already told all teams that the schedule is the schedule, and they are not moving games around if members of one team have Covid outbreaks. It is up to the players and coaches to take the appropriate steps to ensure that won’t happen.

The MLB is in a much better-positioned state to be able to do this than the NFL and if you don’t think so, listen up. It is simple; see all those minor league guys you refuse to pay to make a decent living? Ya, call them up. We all know none of the owners or GMs want to have to dish out more money if they don’t have to, but too bad. The MLB and Rob Manfred are well within their rights to tell all teams and players that no more cancelations of games will occur and make adjustments internally if they feel this could be an issue.


Rob Manfred is a boob. I got great pleasure out of seeing him getting boos from all the fans at this year’s MLB Draft. With that said, he’d never do this. The owners and the Players Union are in negotiations about the next CBA, so he doesn’t want to add another thing that could be used against him in those meetings. This is a step that should be made by all professional leagues, not just the MLB. Suppose you feel that it is not right for them to possibly do this, too bad.

They are more than able to do it and make an intelligent business decision to do so. Why should a team over the 85% threshold receive punishment just because they are playing a team below it? Just like being below could be seen as a competitive disadvantage, being over can be viewed as a competitive advantage. Imagine if this happened in the playoffs at some point? Would you want the Red Sox to receive punishment because the Yankees couldn’t get their acts together? I know I’d be pretty livid. News flash, people, this is a real possibility that we could be dealing with a situation like this come September and October. It is time for the MLB to police Covid before it gets to this situation.

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– Kevin Perdios (@Kperdios15 on Twitter)

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