Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, Madness and now a Cryptocurrency

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Hey all you cool cats, kittens and crypto-investors, Tiger King is back! Well, sort of, Tiger King is back in the form of a cryptocurrency: Tiger King Coin. 

Fans of the show can support Joe Exotic and purchase his crypto coin. Of course Exotic Joe would have a crypto coin, right? The money from the coin will go towards a defense fund created for Joe Exotic who is currently in prison. 

Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic is serving a 22-year prison sentence for two counts of hiring someone to murder Carole Baskin. He is also serving time for 17 federal wildlife violations that include keeping tigers at his animal park. 

What is Tiger King Coin? 

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Tiger King Coin was created based on the popular Netflix docuseries Tiger King back in May of 2021. The popular show now turned cryptocurrency is available to purchase on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The website of the Tiger King Coin claims the token has been endorsed Joe Exotic. 

Tiger King Coin or $TKING was up more than 68% on Monday morning. 


Youtuber Matt Wallace tweeted about the coin and the people responded. The crypto and Dogecoin Youtuber sent a tweet on July 4 about Tiger King Coin and the price of the coin went up. 

“I feel like Tiger King Coin is going to go crazy when season 2 of Tiger King Comes. I am buying it up fast,” tweeted Wallace. 

It’s unknown whether there was a direct link between Wallace’s tweet and the price increasing but it’s a fun coincidence. 

The token’s roadmap on the website shows that it was developed to launch as a non-fungible token in June 2021. However, that has not happened yet. 

Risk with Tiger King Coin

There is always risk when investing let alone in start up coins. Prices can rise and fall quite rapidly and experts are always warning investors about the risk and dangers in cryptocurrency trading.

Due to the popularity of the show Tiger King, many casual investors may flock to buy this coin. It makes sense, investors are looking to sink their teeth into the next Dogecoin.

While that sounds all well and good, Tiger King Coin is riding off the coat tails of the popular show. Now if a second season of Tiger King comes out on Netflix, there is a chance this coin could explode.


Image courtesy of Hollywood Unlocked

Baskin herself has launched her own cryptocurrency back in May. 

Baskin’s coin $CAT is also another ploy to build off the Dogecoin hype sweeping the world. While Baskin’s “purr-ency” is new she understands it might be hard for the coin to take off. 

“I’m being told by people in the industry that it could with its name recognition, and the fact that people love cats so much, and there’s so much buzz, but that’s not what it is right now,” Baskin said.

The Closing Bell and Tiger King Coin

Joe Exotic once said, “I saw a tiger, and the tiger saw a man.” 

Now you can see a Tiger King Coin and be part of the insanity. 

Here’s the deal, I enjoyed the show and it was highly entertaining. I would 100% welcome another Tiger King Series because I like you am always looking for something new to watch. 

Who wouldn’t want to relive all the memorable quotes from the show and hang on to every twist and turn the series had to offer? 

However, the show will never be the same with out Joe Exotic. The fact that these two are jumping into the crypto world is not surprising.

Even in prison, Joe Exotic is fighting tooth and nail against Baskin.

“We will never let Carole win,” the TKING team insists. “Find your inner Tiger as Joe, $TKING, and his legal team stage the comeback of the century. We will land the first tiger on the moon to free Joe. Team Joe for the win!”

I love the fact that these two are sparing off again in the crypto climate. You can keep the tigers in a cage but investors will never be held back on what they want to buy. Joe Exotic needs a win in a big way and buying his coin could be the step in the right direction. 

Do your research because there is always risk in investing and a friendly reminder, never stick your hand inside the cage of a tiger.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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Feature Image is courtesy of the Tiger King Coin official Twitter page


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