Three players Celtics fans should keep an eye on in free agency

The Boston Celtics are just coming off a great season. Eastern conference champions and two wins away from an NBA championship? Pretty good, considering they were once 11th in the East! But now, it’s time to look ahead to free agency. Obviously, the Celtics are in a pretty good spot. But could they add some names to help them over the summer? Let’s look at three players Celtics fans should keep an eye on in free agency!

Celtics free agency target #1: Patty Mills

This is one signing that I think can be realistic for the Celtics. They could use another guard to help with the offense. Patty Mills would be a great addition to the Celtics bench. He’s a guy that can play with All-stars, playing with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving last season. The Celtics need more bench scoring. Plus, Patty Mills won’t break the bank for the Celtics in free agency. Why not go out and get a solid scoring bench piece?

Target #2: Kevon Looney

This is a guy that may not be on Celtics fan’s radars right away. But let’s think about this for a second. Looney is a three time champion, which always helps a young team looking to contend for a title. He can give you good minutes off the bench. Plus, do people want Daniel Theis back for another season? Personally, I think Looney would be an upgrade. He can give you rebounding and interior defense. Why not make a call and see if Looney would want to be a Celtic?

Target #3: Bradley Beal

This is the dream trade/extension. We all know Bradley Beal is one of the elite scorers in the NBA. He might want to leave Washington to go to a contender. Why not the Celtics? He already has the relationship with Jayson Tatum. If you can keep Jaylen Brown and Robert Williams in a trade for Beal, why not do it? It gives you a third option and a core four for the future. Beal would take a massive haul to get to Boston. But honestly, it’d be worth it!

In Conclusion

Who do you want to see the Celtics sign in free agency? Or maybe even trade for? Let us know @CouchGuySports on Twitter. Let the craziness of the off-season begin!

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image credit: clutchpoints.com

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