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David Quinn has emerged as a favorite as next Bruins head coach

As the week continues on, the Boston Bruins are continuing to find their next head coach. Literally 8 days after being relieved of his duties from the Bruins, Bruce Cassidy found himself a new home with the Las Vegas Golden Knights. One name that has been leaked around is Jay Leach. But another name that has submerged for the Bruins is former Rangers coach David Quinn. Now personally, I didn’t know much about him before I heard his name. But after doing the research, there are some things to break down. Here’s a look at Bruins interviewee David Quinn.

The Bruins have a developing coach in David Quinn

The big sentence in this tweet revolves around development. David Quinn helped develop Bruins defensemen Charlie McAvoy and Matt Grzelcyk. McAvoy has flourished into one of the NHL’s up and coming elite defensemen. Grzelcyk has had his good seasons with the Bruins as well. Imagine David Quinn being able to develop some of the young talent that the Bruins have in Providence? And also on the NHL roster? It would definitely speed up the retool/rebuild process going on in Boston.

David Quinn’s connection to the area/experience

David Quinn has ties to Boston. He played for the Boston University Terriers in the mid 1980’s. He also later coached at BU. We know the NHL experience with recently coaching for the New York Rangers. He’s also currently the head coach for the US Men’s olympic hockey team. The guy has been around for quite awhile. It’s not like there’s a shortage on experience from David Quinn, which could benefit the Bruins.

In Conclusion

David Quinn is a favorite to be the next Bruins head coach. Is he a step down from Bruce Cassidy? Yes. Anyone who gets the job will be! But is he the worst option to have as the next Bruins head coach? Certainly not! If he gets hired, let’s give him a chance before we make any criticisms. It’ll be interesting to see the Bruins next official hire as their head coach.

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image credit: New York Times

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