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Three Patriots players you probably won’t see in 2022

The New England Patriots season came to an end Saturday night at the hands of a 47-17 blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills. This begins the long, grueling process of the off-season. Where do the Patriots go from here? They seem to have an answer at quarterback with Mac Jones. But what about the rest of the Patriots team? The better question is: who will we NOT see on the Patriots in 2022? I have a few names you might want to pay attention to this off-season.

One Patriot You Won’t See in 2022: Matthew Slater

Matthew Slater has been a crucial part of the Patriots special teams for 14 seasons. From his postgame press conference, it sounds like he might not come back for his 15th season. He was praising Mac Jones and how the future is bright and how he and his kids will watch the Patriots for seasons to come. That sounds to me like somebody who knows his playing days are behind him! If this was the last ride for Matthew Slater, he’ll be a true Patriot through and through. A 10 time Pro-Bowler and two time First-Team All pro selections are the signs of a job well done in New England. Not to mention three Super Bowls!

J.C. Jackson

J.C. Jackson is now an unrestricted free agent for the Patriots heading into the 2022 season. Jackson earned a Pro-Bowl bid this season and is regarded as a top cornerback in the league. Somebody is going to overpay for Jackson. So the logical thing would be to franchise-tag Jackson for 2022. But assuming for some reason the Patriots don’t do that, Jackson will find a new home somewhere for a big price. For some reason, I think J.C. Jackson has played his last snap in New England and won’t be around in 2022.

Trent Brown

Trent Brown is an unrestricted free agent as well heading into the off-season. Brown is the most realistic of the three players mentioned to come back in 2022. But honestly, I don’t know if Belichick brings Brown back for next season. He was injured from the first game until about halfway through the season. But Brown is somebody that brings value to the offensive line when he’s healthy. So Trent Brown is somebody that COULD come back. But I’m leaning towards him NOT coming back to the Patriots in 2022.

In Conclusion

Changes are bound to happen for the Patriots this off-season. They need some more pieces to be true contenders in 2022. Sure, making the playoffs was nice in 2021 after the dumpster fire that was 2020. But if the Patriots want to get back to contending for Super Bowls, they need to make some changes. Changes could look as simple as these three guys not returning to next year’s team. We’ll see!

(Featured image credit: wcvb.com)

(Information credit: football-reference.com)

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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