Three keys to the Celtics winning game 5 of the NBA Finals

The Boston Celtics find themselves tied with the Golden State Warriors at two games a piece in the 2022 NBA Finals. Boston has found themselves as winners of games one and three. The Warriors responded both times after a loss, finishing with wins in games two and four. Now the series shifts back to the Bay area for a pivotal game five. It’s going to be a tough game for our beloved Boston Celtics. But they can win it on the road. How you may ask? Let’s look at three keys to the Celtics winning game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Celtics win game 5 of the NBA Finals if they limit the turnovers!

There’s no secret with this one. The Celtics need to limit the turnovers to win. Simple! Look at games one and three. When they had one turnover in games one and three in the fourth quarter, they won. When during the whole game, the Celtics turned the ball over more than 16 times, they lost. Keep the ball moving and don’t make any stupid passes. Golden State will take advantage of turnovers. So don’t make it easier on them by giving them free opportunities for easy transition points.


The offensive rebounding has actually been decent in this series. It’s the defensive rebounding that was a bit lackluster in game four. A guy like Andrew Wiggins had very easy rebound and put-back attempts because nobody was covering the weak side on a shot attempt. Get back to basics. Defend at the rim and have somebody else crashing the boards besides Robert Williams. When you give the Warriors second and third chance opportunities, they’ll convert more often than not. Rebound and run in transition!

Get started early and finish down the stretch!

You need to start out fast against this Warriors team. Get it going early and get the crowd out of the game. Survive the third quarter and win the fourth quarter like you pretty much have done the whole series, with the exception of game four. The J’s need to get it going late in the game and take over if they’re truly the stars of this team. Don’t shy away from the moment when your team needs it the most. Finish the game and take a 3-2 series lead back to Boston with a chance to clinch at home Thursday night. Let’s go Celtics!

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image credit: nba.com

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