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Red Sox have two starters out for the foreseeable future

Over the course of the season, the Boston Red Sox have had their fair share of good starting pitching. That’s the main reason that the Red Sox have been able to climb back to over .500 on the season. But now, it looks like the Red Sox could be in some trouble with their starting rotation for the short term. Both Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Whitlock have found themselves on the 15 day IL. If you want to know more about why the Red Sox have two starters out for the foreseeable future, take a look below.

Red Sox starter Nathan Eovaldi out

Nathan Eovaldi was put on the 15 day IL on Sunday as he is suffering from lower back inflammation. There was a noticeable decrease in Sovaldi’s velocity in his last start. So the trip to the IL shouldn’t be a big surprise. But now, the Red Sox need to have somebody take the reigns as the ace for the next week or two. Eovaldi has done a great job of taking the load as an ace since Chris Sale went to the IL before the season started. Hopefully this is a quick stint for the Red Sox right-handed starting pitcher.

Red Sox starter Garrett Whitlock out

The other starter on the IL for the Red Sox is Garrett Whitlock. Whitlock is suffering from right hip inflammation and was also put on the IL on Sunday. It’s been a weird season for Whitlock. He started out dominant out of the bullpen. Once he was moved into the starting rotation, his numbers weren’t quite as good. This IL stint could be a good opportunity for the Red Sox to figure out what to do with Whitlock long-term. Personally, I put him back in the bullpen. But, that’s just me!

In Conclusion

Tread water for the next few weeks with Eovaldi and Whitlock out. They’ll be back in about a week and half. You have Sale and James Paxton hopefully going to be joining in some capacity. You’re not playing any juggernaut teams coming up. So stay steady and then get healthy for the rest of the summer. Eovaldi and Whitlock will be key if the Red Sox want to put themselves in a better position for a playoff run.

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image credit: Boston Globe

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