Thoughts From After Money In The Bank

Last night was the first time since the pandemic that WWE had a full crowd for a PPV event. Money In The Bank is a personal favorite of mine, and boy it did not disappoint last night. We had a huge return at the end of the show, two new wrestlers that are holding the Money In The Bank briefcase, and a great show from start to finish. With that being said here are some thoughts about the upcoming for WWE.

The Right Man Won The Men’s Money In The Bank

I have been waiting for the Big E push since he got split from the New Day. At first I thought he was going to win the Royal Rumble and that didn’t happen. So immediately I said to myself and others that he is going to win the Money In the Bank. That was nearly six months ago and boy am I excited that it came to fruition.

Now that Big E has the World Title Shot, who does he face for it. A weird feeling that I am getting is that he is going to show up on Raw tonight and challenge Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam for the WWE title. Why would Big E do that? Well for starters it would be to avenge his friend Kofi Kingston’s embarrassment from getting squashed in his WWE title match last night. Another reason is that if Brock Lesnar will not be in attendance at SummerSlam, Big E should be the guy to fight Bobby for the title. I am all set on the Goldberg challenging Lashley train.

At the same time if you remember the time where Big E said he would want to face Goldberg. As it would be the clash of two titans and a quote on quote “Two Big Meaty Man Slapping Meat”. I would as well as much of the WWE Universe would love to see Bobby Lashley vs Big E for the title at SummerSlam. The crowd would be much more into that match then if Goldberg got the shot. Now we have to wait and see if Big E shows up on Monday Night Raw tonight for my plan to start to come together.

Weird Spot For The Ending Of Women’s Money In The Bank

Now if you haven’t listened to the most recent episode of Suplex Biddies, first shame on you and second I said that it would be so WWE to have us get someone like Nikki A.S.H. to win the Women’s Money In The Bank. Welp here we are the day after Money In The Bank and that is exactly what we got. There was no clear cut favorite to win Money In The Bank and I don’t think even WWE creative knew who to give it to.

I don’t hate Nikki A.S.H. winning the Women’s Money In The Bank, but I do wish that we got to see Liv Morgan get a run with the Women’s Money In The Bank. Now what does the future have for Nikki A.S.H. well I do think that the Raw Women’s Title will be an option for her, I wouldn’t hate her gimmick moving over to Friday Nights.

I do think that like with Otis having the Money In The Bank last year, that WWE creative doesn’t have long term plans for Nikki A.S.H. when it comes to this briefcase. My thought process is that she will lose it by no later than Extreme Rules to someone who could benefit from having the briefcase at this very point and time. Not saying Nikki A.S.H. can’t because of her gimmick, but there are women on the roster who could benefit more in the long run.

Charlotte Flair Is A 13 Time Women’s Champion

We get to say it once again Charlotte Flair is the new Women’s Champion. Feels old already doesn’t it, well let me tell you that Flair is now a 13 Time Women’s Champion after last night. Five times as Raw Women’s Champion, five times as Smackdown’s Women’s Champion, 2 times as NXT Women’s Champion and she also is a one time Divas Champion as well.

Here is a stat that will make you absolutely lose your mind. Charlotte has now been on the main roster for six years and has 11 title reigns including this one from last night in that span. That is an insane amount to think about, and boy does it feel like the number gets bigger and bigger every minute. At this rate she will more than likely become the first ever 20 time champion in WWE history.

What is next for Charlotte? Well I hate to be that guy, but with Ripley out of the picture. Who does Charlotte fight next? Who draws the WWE Universe in to watching Charlotte at SummerSlam? Welp there is only one name in mind and that is none other than “The Man” Becky Lynch. Lynch has been at the WWE shows recently, and Raw could definitely use the ratings bump. Within the next couple of weeks I could see this becoming a thing leading up to a big clash at SummerSlam.

Smackdown’s Two Big Feuds Are Set

So for those who didn’t watch the main event last night due to Peacock’s lovely streaming services. Here is what you missed from the end of the show. Referee Charles Robinson goes down, Edge has Roman on the verge of tapping. The Uso’s come out to make the save only to get stopped by the Mysterios. Then someone comes out of the crowd, and is none other than Seth Rollins.

We know the rivalry that has been growing the past couple of weeks between Edge and Seth Rollins. So this came as no surprise. Seth kicks Edge in the back of the head, Roman goes for the spear only to get speared by Edge. Then a ref comes down to make the count, and Roman kicks out at two. Followed by Seth coming out distracts Edge, Roman hits him with the Spear and pins Edge to retain. Then after the match Seth attacks Edge, and proceeds to stare at Roman and say he’s next. Edge gets up and they go and proceed to fight through the crowd.

What About Roman’s Next Feud? 

Now with that all happening you know that they are going to fight at SummerSlam now. So the question was “who is next for Roman?” Roman asks for a microphone and says his saying. Then all of a sudden this happens.

Yep you got it right John Cena is back in WWE. He is back and it looks as he has his sights set on the Universal Champion. The PPV ended before we got to hear what John Cena had to say. This is what the 16-time champ had to say.

Now that it looks like the big Smackdown feuds are settled it is time to wait and see what the rest of this stacked SummerSlam card should look like.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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