This Tom Brady talk about Leaving New England is a Bad Feeling

With just four games left in the regular season, is Tom Brady’s days in New England numbered? Lots of reports have come out over the last couple of seasons based on the issues that are going on in Foxboro. For the first time in Brady’s career that he will be a free agent.

This off-season is going to be a crazy ride for Patriot fans, as we must sit back and watch to see whether or not Brady decides to finish his career somewhere else. That is so weird to say, as I could have never imagined Brady playing in another uniform.

Brady’s Father weighed in on the situation and believes that this whole thing is up to Coach Bill Belichick. He mentions that Brady wants to play, and that is no surprise there. However, does Brady see himself playing somewhere else?

It is clear Brady is very frustrated with this season despite having a record of 10-2. He has lost two targets that he trusted and enjoyed playing along with. Although Antonio Brown was here for one game, he found their connection to be unstoppable. Josh Gordon, which I still do not know why the Patriots decided to let him go, was someone that worked hard for Brady and made sure to get on the same page with the Quarterback.

Tom Brady will always be a New England Patriot despite whether or not he plays somewhere else. Will he play somewhere else? I do not think he will. I believe Brady and the Patriots will come to terms. Maybe it is because I do not want to believe he will leave, but I truly believe he will not leave the New England Patriots.

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Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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