Patriots Get HOSED Last Night By Officiating

The Patriots lost last night to the Kansas City Chiefs. This is their second loss in consecutive weeks. Don’t get me wrong, the Patriots made some big mistakes that prevented them from winning last night. But MAN, were some of these calls absolutely brutal to see. It’s safe to say that the Patriots got HOSED last night by the officiating crew. Now, before you get all “BLAAAAAH, HE’S MAKING EXCUSES FOR THE HOMETOWN TEAM, BLAAAAAH”, let’s look at a few of the examples shall we?

The N’Keal Harry “Non” Touchdown

I mean, what are we even disputing here? The Patriots were driving down the field while losing 23-13. Tom Brady set up N’Keal Harry with a quick pass and Harry seemed to dive across the pylon for a touchdown. However, the officials ruled him down at the three yard line. Yes, I know the Patriots still had first and goal from the three. But that call was one of the more brutal ones I’ve seen in a long time. Harry’s left foot clearly stays in bounds the whole way to the endzone. If the call is reversed, the Patriots are down 23-20 and have a chance to at least tie the game at the end. Oh and if you want an explanation for why is WASN’T a touchdown, here you go:

Image result for Throw up meme

Moving on!

The Stephon Gilmore Fumble Recovery That Should Have Been A Touchdown

This was a play that looked like it could turn the game around for the Patriots. The Chiefs were driving once again when Patrick Mahomes connected with Travis Kelce. Kelce then proceeds to be down after a Devin McCourty tackle. After reviewing the play and a Belichick (2nd) challenge, the play was ruled a fumble. The worst part? Stephon Gilmore could have scored on this play. I’m not as mad on this play because the Patriots were going to get the ball back no matter what. Should they let have let the play continue on? Probably yes. But, at least this call ended up being called correctly, unlike the Harry touchdown.

The Missed Phillip Dorsett Pass Interference

This was ridiculous! Phillip Dorsett hasn’t done much for the Patriots lately. But MAN, did he get hosed on this one! The Chiefs defensive player is clearly hugging Dorsett so he can’t make a football play. This ended up being a no call. The Patriots should’ve had first and goal at the Kansas City five. This is just another example of how bad Jerome Boger and his crew truly were last night.

In Conclusion

I’m at a loss for words. This team could’ve and probably should’ve won this game, even with all of the mistakes they made in the first half. The officiating needs to be better going forward in all NFL games. Boger and his crew should not officiate games moving forward. They certainly better not be in any playoff games this postseason. Nothing we can say now except, “We’re on to Cincinnati!” I like our odds!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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