This MLB sticky situation is ALREADY out of hand

This MLB sticky situation is getting out of hand already and it just started. The MLB is cracking down on pitchers for using illegal substances to get a better grip on the baseballs. Tom “Powder” Cadmus wrote a blog last night, wondering if we have a big situation on our hands. Well, I’m starting to think Powder is definitely on to something. Just look at the situations that happened last night.

Max Scherzer and Joe Girardi

So here’s the long and the short of this one. The Phillies and Nationals squared off last night and Joe Girardi kept asking umpires to check Max Scherzer for illegal substances. Obviously, that didn’t sit too well with “mad Max”. The reactions on both of their faces are absolutely priceless. Scherzer is basically ready to strip down to prove he’s doing everything cleanly. Girardi is trying to be this tough guy and challenging Scherzer to come talk with him. After that altercation, Girardi get ejected from the game after asking umpires to check Scherzer three times. THREE! The MLB sticky situation in this case was beyond ridiculous. Want more? Oh BOY, do I have more for you!

Sergio Romo

So once again, we have another pitcher willing to strip it all down to prove his innocence. Sergio Romo did last night in a game for the Oakland Athletics against the Texas Rangers. Romo finished his inning and then was questioned by the umpiring crew working the game. After that, Romo was not happy and undid his belt buckle to show he wasn’t cheating. Again, another situation where it’s absolutely ridiculous that pitchers have to defend themselves.

In Conclusion

This is only going to get worse. Pitchers are going to be irate all of the time. Heck, there might not even be an MLB season next year after all of this nonsense. Clean it up, MLB. You need to be better than this if you want a better product on the field!

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–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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