The Detroit Pistons Are On The Clock

Last night we found out that the Detroit Pistons won the NBA Draft lottery and have the number one overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Now with the draft a little over a month away there will be a lot of speculation on what they will do with the number one overall selection. I am assuming that they will be selecting a player with the pick to be their next franchise player. With that being said here are some of the prospects that the Pistons will look at in the NBA draft.

Pistons 2021 NBA Draft Option: Cade Cunningham (G) Oklahoma State

The freshman guard out of Oklahoma State was a prospect we all watched in college this year. He averaged 20.1 PPG to go along with 6.2 RPG and 3.5 APG. Cunningham has a good build standing at 6 foot 8, he is built like a forward but he is a very talented guard. He is a fantastic passer and is a threat to score at all three levels. Cunningham also is a physical defender and isn’t afraid of guarding key players in a big moment.

I see Cunningham as a floor general guard and he gives me a comparison similar of Jimmy Butler. Would love to see how he is at the next level without the ball in his hands, but I think he can be a physical defender and a franchise player to build around in his NBA career. He looks like Detroit’s best option, but there are some other highly talented prospects in this class that they could go with as well.

Jalen Suggs (G) Gonzaga

Jalen Suggs another talented freshman guard was on fire in his only year at Gonzaga. Suggs averaged 14 PPG to go along with 5.3 RPG and 4.5 APG. This is a guy who when you look up unselfish in the dictionary, you see his face in there. He is a true floor general and he easily makes everyone around him better. Suggs is an elite passer and distributor not only in the half court, but in transition as well.

If he could solidify himself as a knock down jump shooter, he would hands down be the number one overall selection. The intensity that this guy brings night in and night out is incredible. He is a guy that you want to have on your team at all times. I see a mix of John Wall and Dejounte Murray in his style of play. Jalen Suggs got the quickness like a young John Wall and the tenacity like Dejounte Murray. Watch out for Suggs in the NBA because he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Evan Mobley (C) USC

Evan Mobley was dominant in his only season at USC. The freshman center averaged 16.4 PPG to go along with 8.7 RPG as well. Mobley is 7 feet tall and weighs 210 pounds. He has quick footwork which shows me that he has a chance to be a great defender in the NBA. Mobley can switch on pick and rolls and keep quick guards in front of him. Also with his 7 foot 4 wing span, he can be a great shot blocker as well.

The only thing holding Mobley back is the lack of jumpshot he has beyond the arc. If he could develop that three point jumper, he will be a threat in this league for years to come. I get the comparison of DeAndre Ayton when it comes to him as of right now. With a consistent jumpshot though, I could see him having the upside of someone like Chris Bosh.

Jalen Green (G) G-League Ignite

Green was the number one player coming out of high school last season, and he was the highest prospect to take his talents to the G-League rather than doing a year in College. During his G-League stint, Green averaged just under 18 PPG to go along with 4.1 RPG and 2,8 APG as well. Green has so much athleticism which makes him a threat to get a basket whenever. He can score from all three levels, and has a mean step back jump shot.

I see Green being a primary scorer, but he has to get consistent at the next level. He was known as a little bit of a streaky shooter in the G-League last year from time to time. I see a combination of Zach LaVine and Kelly Oubre Jr. in Jalen Green. I think he has some of the most untapped potential in this draft class, and he is a name that we should be watching out for.

Final Thoughts on the Pistons and the NBA Draft: 

As I believe one of these four will be the number one overall selection in the NBA Draft, this class is a solid class overall. Any pick that the Detroit Pistons take here will be a good pick for them moving forward. With that being said, the Pistons are officially on the clock for the 2021 NBA draft.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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