This Is The Greatest Sports Clip of All Time

Truth be told, I had this clip rolling around in my mind the other week as a blog topic but just never put it to virtual paper.

Today as I scoured twitter for the 59th time today, I started seeing it pop up. As a “On this date” type tweet.

Which makes it the perfect opportunity to dive into what makes this the greatest sports clip of all time.

Granted there are clips that give you goosebumps. Like the Miracle on Ice.

Or for some, Malcolm Butler’s goal line interception. And then for the other side of the fence, the David Tyree helmet catch.

But for me this has to be the best clip ever, it’s straight up hilarious and has just so so much to unpack.

Who Do You Think You Are?

On it’s own “Who do you think you are? I AM!” is just incredible. Usually one just stops after the question. It’s a sort of rhetorical one. Rather though, Pete immediately answers with “I am.” And gives us the double thumbs that I’m assuming gave birth to the “this guy” trend.

Which doesn’t make a ton of sense. I guess he’s trying to say he is better than this individual? That this person thinks they’re on the same level as Pete Weber but yet they are not because Pete is well… Pete.

But there is some context to this famous line. Apparently there was someone in the crowd in Pete’s peripheral vision who kept moving as he was going to take his shot.

Although even the announcers could not figure out for the life of them who was moving.

Which makes this blogger wonder if there was even anyone moving or did Pete make it up?

Remember The Last Dance, and the story about LaBradford Smith? He drops 37 one night against Michael Jordan and the Bulls. The next night in Washington, Jordan embarrasses Smith. He claims that Smith said something to him the night before as he walked off the court.

Come to find out it never happened. Jordan made it all up in his head to get motivated for the following night.

I wonder if there was anyone moving at all or if Pete made it all up in his head.

And if this is true, that makes the line even that much better because he’s screaming “Who do you think you are?” to literally nobody.


The Celebration

The celebration by Pete is top notch here. We’ve seen lots fist pumps. But the “God Dammit, I did it!” puts it over the top.

Imagine adding in the “God Dammit I did it!” over Tiger Woods’ fist pumps? I’m sure in his head he’s saying that but imagine at Augusta, Woods just screaming that?

He throws in the “Are you kidding me?” as well which again who is he talking to here?

His wife just started bawling her eyes out as soon as he started yelling. That’s true love. Your husband is going absolutely ballistic at cheering fans who adore him and you’re so over come with pride that you look like Knowshon Moreno.

Wait is that Gary Thorne?

I think what makes this clip even that much more incredible is that it’s Gary Thorne on the call.


Gary has had a long and distinguished career and is now well known for being the television voice of the Baltimore Orioles. Tough gig right now but he does a good job.

But who in the holy hell knew that he covered bowling too? Sometimes you find play by play voices doing different events that you didn’t realize they knew.

Like how Jim Nantz covers The Masters for CBS. He played golf collegiately at Houston. So he knows golf really well.

But bowling is certainly up there as a bizarre, wait what? For someone with Gary Thorne’s talent and prestige, this wasn’t ESPN making him cover bowling for a few weekends so that he could earn his spot calling the Wednesday Night, Yankees-Red Sox game, no.

More than likely Thorne loves bowling and requested to do it which adds to the mystique of this clip. Had this been just some random dude we’ve never heard of this clip maybe doesn’t get as much run. But the fact that it’s Gary Thorne? Makes it all that much better.

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