No, Jack Eichel isn’t coming to Boston

It’s always fun to hear the trade rumors involving your team. Some seem outrageous and some seem like they’re actually going to happen. With that being said, Buffalo Sabres captain Jack Eichel is not going to be a Boston Bruin.


Eichel trade rumors have been heating up recently, mostly due to his decline in performance; which is bound to happen when you play for the Sabres. The 24-year-old currently has two goals, 14 points, and a minus-6 rating in 16 games.



Even with the Sabres’ offseason additions, Taylor Hall and Eric Staal, they haven’t been able to find any success. The next thing for them to do is shake up their lineup and see if they can rebuild without their star captain. Eichel’s contract does not contain any trade protection until 2022-23 when a no-movement clause kicks in. It would be my best guess that he wants out of Buffalo while he’s still in his prime.


Eichel will most likely go to a team like the New York Rangers. The Rangers have a projected $26 million in cap space next season and they have some young players available that they could give to the Sabres.


The Los Angeles Kings are also a major possibility. Anze Kopitar is 33, while Dustin Brown and Jeff Carter are nearing the end of their careers. Adding a piece like Eichel will give a young, fresh face to an aging lineup filled with offensive holes.


Not only do the Bruins lack the money for Eichel, but they’d more than likely have to give up David Pastrnak and Charlie McAvoy. Getting rid of these two would not be worth it in the long run. It would be a huge loss for the Bruins long term, and that’s if the Sabres would even give Eichel up for just those two players in return.


So, while it’s fun to speculate, the Bruins don’t really need Eichel nor should they want him. He will go to a team that has the money and the pieces to give up. And, even though he is from North Chelmsford, MA, the Bruins need to put their love for hometown players aside with this one.


– Caylee Allard

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