This Dad Launching Himself Through His TV Doing VR is a Hall of Fame Video

There are some short videos that you just watch over and over again. Like Vine. Vine to me is on the Mount Rushmore of social media apps. It produced some of the GOAT videos and that’s not debatable. All in a short window. It set the standard of social media gold. These dinguses on TikTok wouldn’t survive on Vine because you actually have to be creative. Boom, roasted, sup.

But this video of this dad doing virtual reality and absolutely launching himself is unreal. I’ve never done VR but I need to. I need to know what causes people to think that literally everything that was around them before they put on the goggles just disappeared.

Absolutely SENT. But let’s not ignore the pure athleticism this guy’s still got in his middle-age years. It was like he went back to high school and found his youth. Pure “17 Again” vibes with Zac Efron. How’s that for current pop culture references?

I’m not saying the VR company he was using should buy him a new TV, but I’m saying.

Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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