The Last Dance Finale: Final Thoughts and Opinions

The last dance of “The Last Dance” occurred last night. It’s over. Sundays at 9:00 PM EST were a lot of fun these last five weeks. I loved this series. You all loved this series. The entire world loved this series. But before we say goodbye to “The Last Dance”, let’s review the final two episodes with some thoughts and opinions.

I Have a Newfound Respect for Steve Kerr

The story of Steve Kerr is fascinating. He had no scholarship offers out of high school. The line about no offers and no girls was an absolute classic.

Then of course, there’s the story about Kerr’s father. That was absolutely heartbreaking. Imagine being a college kid playing your respective sport and you wake up to a call that your father was murdered? I know I couldn’t handle that. Yelling to Michael that he’s ready to hit the game winning shot to win their fifth championship was a feel good story. You have to understand, Steve Kerr is the coach of the powerhouse Warriors. A lot of people, including myself, hated seeing them win as much as they were. But after this, after seeing the grind that Kerr went through and the adversity he faced, he has nothing but respect from me.

The Jordan-Gus Lett Relationship

Gus Lett was a security guard for Michael Jordan. But that’s not the only thing that Lett was to Jordan. Like Jordan said in the documentary, Lett was like a second father to him. Can you really blame Michael for feeling that way? Like Kerr, Jordan lost his father to a brutal murder. He felt like he needed another man in his life. Enter Gus Lett. The two’s bond was a feel good part of last night.

The Food Poisoning Game

Michael Jordan Hugs Scottie Pippen After "Flu Game" | Gifrific

The only reason I wasn’t surprised by this was because I listened to Pardon My Take with Jordan’s trainer. He tells the story about the bad pizza. Man, imagine that. You have five people delivering a pizza to Michael Jordan. How low do you have to be to make a pizza so bad that Jordan is puking his brains out? The best part is that even THAT couldn’t slow Jordan down. Okay, maybe it did physically. But Jordan still willed the Bulls to a finals victory. What more can you say about the man?

Pippen’s Back Injury in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals

Poor Scottie Pippen. The man couldn’t catch a break. His final game in a Bulls uniform and he plays it in excruciating pain. This documentary did Pippen zero favors. Scottie Pippen is one of the best players to play in the NBA ever. Although he was mostly a decoy as he claims in the film, he still was productive down the stretch. This is a story I’d never heard about before. With everything else that went on with Pippen in the documentary, I’m surprised I didn’t see it coming sooner.

The Last Shot of The Last Dance

Michael Jordan's Last Shot on the Chicago Bulls | Gifrific

I’ve seen this shot so many times. But last night, I saw it in a different light. This was it. The last shot Jordan would take as a Bull. The last championship the Bulls won during that era. It would be the final time Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Jackson, Kerr, etc. would all be together in a game setting. And how does it end? With this beautiful crossover and game-winning shot. This just defined Jordan. A clutch player who made the big shot when it counted the most.

In Conclusion

This documentary was awesome. A+ work by everyone involved. The 1990’s Bulls will forever live as one of the greatest dynasties in professional sports. We got to see behind the scenes of a great team. Now the million dollar question is…when does the Patriots documentary come out?

Until then, this is officially all over for “The Last Dance”.

That's All Folks HD GIF | Gfycat

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