This Chicago Bears Fan Might Be My New Hero

Being a Patriots fan, there isn’t a lot to complain about being 10-1. But, not everyone is a Patriots fan like me. There are fans out there of teams that are underachieving. A perfect example? The Chicago Bears. The Bears sit at 5-6 and are in danger of missing the playoffs with a loaded NFC conference. They beat the Giants yesterday by a score of 19-14. But, that wasn’t the story of the day. That honor went to the fan known as “pie guy”.

Yes, you’re seeing this correctly. A Chicago Bears fan snuck an ENTIRE pumpkin pie into the stadium along with a bottle of whipped cream. As impressive as this is, I have a few questions.

How’d He Get This By Security?

If you’ve been to any professional sports game, you’re probably wondering the same thing. This guy had to have the master plan of all master plans to pull this off. With the way security is now a days, you can’t get anything past them. Good for this guy, I need to learn his secret!

How’d He Get The Whipped Cream In?

Whipped cream is delicious. If you disagree, I don’t know what to tell you. But, how did he get a metal can past the sensors? Obviously, it’s a great topping on the pie. But, wouldn’t the stadium want to sell their own pies and pie toppings to bring in more money? Just a thought!

In Conclusion

The guy is my hero. He hasn’t had a lot to celebrate this year with the Bears. He was probably also thinking that he’s about to see a game against the 2-8 (now 2-9!) Giants. So, why not bring a little treat to help make the game better, right? Somebody give this man a medal because he made the play of the day on Sunday!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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