CGS Podcast Ep. 134: Tom Brady’s PISSED OFF | Antonio Brown’s Back in our Lives | Ravens AFC Kings?

Nick Quaglia’s back with another episode of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 134 with fill-in host Connor Strayer of the Couch Guy Sports Rafters Podcast.

First, we hit the Weekly Dump which is LOADED this week with Rob Gronkowski dropping another lame teaser, Colin Kaepernick deciding to move his showcase to another field, Isaiah Wynn coming back, the potential Joker sequel and a TON more.

The first segment? Tom Brady’s PISSED. The Patriots might have beaten the Eagles on Sunday in their little Super Bowl rematch, but the offense didn’t look great and Brady knows it. Does he have a right to be pissed off? How can they fix it?

I can tell you one way. BRING ME ANTONIO BROWN. Well, maybe. AB apologized to Robert Kraft via social media for the shot he took at him after he was released by the team. Is that enough to get back in the Patriots good graces and would the team and Kraft ever consider bringing him back to this weak receiving core?

And the Ravens man. While the Patriots are having these issues, the one team that’s beaten them this year is looking like they could be the best team in the AFC. Are they the true top dogs over the Patriots right now? Should they be the favorite to go to the Super Bowl?

That and SO much more on this week’s episode of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. DON’T FORGET. Rate and Subscribe on iTunes and hit that Subscribe on the YouTube page.

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