Things to do While Waiting for the Super Bowl

The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl can build so much anticipation, especially when the Patriots are in it. Not too many fan bases get used to this, and I can’t really complain. But with all of these years of experience preparing for the Super Bowl, I’ve been able to figure out some of the best ways to kill the gap, and maybe build even more anticipation in the process.

Watch the Pro Bowl – This might be the most obvious choice, and the biggest cry for not being ready for football to end. This is soaking in every moment of NFL action that’s left, and at least it includes some of the top talents in the league. We already had the skills challenge, which might actually be the most fun part of the Pro Bowl. At least the guys really try and compete against eachother while having fun. In the actual game itself there isn’t very much competition anymore. At least we get to see some fun trick plays and maybe some drama as to what players might be joining others next season.

Play some Football – Whether its just tossing around with the boys, playing a full contact pickup game, or being a part of an organized league, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t guilty of all three of these. There’s nothing that curbs that urge for football like actually tossing the pigskin yourself. It gets that competitive nature out that so many of us die hard fans have. If you are a part of a league as well it gives you more than one game to look forward to leading up to the Super Bowl, so you can just take one game at a time.

Play Madden – Yeah sure it might be the most artificial way to get football into your life, but hey it gives you some sense of accomplishment. You might try to get a Super Bowl prediction out of the game, play a franchise, or maybe you’re a MUT-head. Either way you can binge madden as much as you want until you get enough of a football fix to hold you over.

Watch Old YouTube Videos – Man nothing gets me ready for the Super Bowl like watching the Patriots teams of the early 2000s. TD passes in the back of the end zone to David Patten. Ty Law terrorizing Peyton Manning. Kevin Faulk being the original scat back. The heart that those teams possessed year in and year out is what was so lovable about those squads. Playing through any weather conditions, fighting through injuries and always being the underdog. Those teams relate a little to this team, might have to start doing this early…

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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