Stefanos Tsitsipas Is The Best Tennis Player You Haven’t Heard Of

Stefanos Tsitipas is not  household name.

The 22 year old Grecian is in the final 8 of the ongoing French Open and looks to be among the favorites to win.

Among the favorites, of course, does not mean he will win. Djokovic and Nadal look like machines as usual.

If someone was to take down both, however, it would be Tsitsipas, who could do so in spectacular fashion.

Back Up…Who is this guy?

Stefanos Tsitsipas hails from Athens and currently spends his days in Monte Carlo.

Neither a bad place to call home, if I say so myself.

He almost was bred to play tennis, belied by his ideal frame (6 foot 4).

His father was a professional tennis coach and his mother a professional women’s tennis player, he grew up with the sport.

A prodigy from a young age (not to ignore the hard work he put in), his talent showed from the earliest age.

On the junior circuit, the Phenom was the number 1 ranked player in the world.

Since he has left the junior circuit, his rise has been fast and wildly impressive.

What has he done so far?

Well, to shoot up to #1 on the junior tour he won a grand slam in the 2016 Wimbledon doubles event.

That being said, he quickly outgrew that younger tour.

A year later, he won his first ATP match (professional tour) and won his first title at the 2018 Stockholm Open.

The young talent came in second at the Canadian open and became the youngest player ever to beat 4 top ten opponents in one tournament.

Finally, he won the Next Gen ATP Finals and the semi-finals at the Australian Open later in the year.

This skyrocket towards the top has left Tsitsipas sitting at 5th in the world as he suits up for his quarterfinal match at Roland Garros.

What to expect moving forward.

Things can’t get much better for Tsitsipas.

He is known for his stoic demeanor like R-Fed, his ability to cover the whole court, and power in hitting the ball.

Bjorn Borg comes to mind, according to those who have seen him. High praise indeed.

Djoker is on another level right now. I expect Tsitsipas to win his quarterfinal and advance to the semis against Djoker, but no further.

That being said, if he can beat the so far unbothered Djokovic, who says he can’t defeat Nadal?

Nadal on clay? Piece of cake.

Moving forward, though, look for Stefanos to just keep getting better.

Maybe this is the man to help lead us out from the “Golden Age” of tennis.

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