The Rafters Pod Ep. 56: Clippers Preview Feat. Chris Jones of The Chasers Podcast


Looking forward to this Friday’s Prime Time match-up vs. The Los Angeles Clippers, we have long time Clippers fan and co-host of The Chasers podcast joining us on the show. Chris tells the tale of how he originally started following the clips dating almost 17 years back. Connor and Liam share their expectations and concerns with the Celtics compared to the one-seeded LA Clippers. Can both teams fight off injuries to their key leaders long enough to make a serious title run? Two teams with a lot of fire power meeting up this weekend promises to excite, but that’s not enough for Liam and Chris. So, they settle on a wager. Check out The Chasers (@TheChasers617), The Yellow Card (@PodcastCard), and any of the other great podcasts in the Couch Guy Sports network!

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