My Top 3 Favorite Patriots Super Bowl Appearances

There is no doubt the Patriots have been the most successful franchise in football over the past 2 decades. With Brady playing again this weekend and the Patriots in rebuild mode, I started thinking about my three favorite Patriots Super Bowl appearances during the Brady era.

Super Bowl XLII

This one is up there for the greatest football game I have ever watched. It was truly David vs. Goliath with the 18-0 Patriots and the 10-6 Giants. Everyone thought the Patriots had the game locked up before kickoff. However, Eli Manning and the Giants defense had other plans. The Giants were one of the best teams on the road all season and that carried over into the playoffs. They managed to win at Dallas and at Green Bay and then finally as huge underdogs against the Patriots. Watching David Tyree out jump Rodney Harrison, Asante Samuel forget how to catch a football, and then finally Plaxico’s catch in the endzone was easily one of the best moments of my young life at the time.

Super Bowl XLVI

Just four Super Bowls later, the Patriots and the Giants met again. While the Patriots were not trying for the best team ever title, they were again heavy favorites over the 9-7 Giants. Once again, the defense and Eli Manning forgot they were the underdogs and pulled off the upset once again. Instead of David Tyree, it was Mario Manningham making the catch of the game with one of the best throws you will ever see. Ahmad Bradshaw scored to take the lead with a little over a minute to play and the Patriots could not climb back. However, I am always one of the first to admit that if Gronk was fully healthy, he catches that deflection in the endzone.

Super Bowl LII

By now you should be picking up the trend of this article. To close us out, my third favorite Patriots Super Bowl appearance falls on Super LII. To put in perspective how I felt about Tom Brady and the Patriots, I actively cheered for the Eagles. Me, a New York Giants fan, actively cheered for the Philadelphia Eagles because I could not stand another Pats victory. I jumped out of my seat in celebration when the Philly Special happened and rubbed it in my roommates faces when the clock hit zero.

Final Thoughts

There is something so rewarding about seeing the Pats lose in big games. It’s comparable to seeing Duke Basketball or Alabama football lose a game. Everyone loves to see it happen. These three Patriots Super Bowl appearances will live on in my memory forever. I know I do not have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to the Giants recently, but I will always be able to say that Tom Brady never beat Eli Manning in the big game, and that is worth celebrating.

-Pete Chatterton (@Pchat12)

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