The Rafters Pod Ep. 48: A Bittersweet Ending, Early Off-season Rumors

After mourning the end to another fantastic season, Dante and Liam hop on the show to recap the end of the series against Miami. Falling in the series 4-2, the Celtics come up short once again in the Eastern Conference Finals. The guys dive deep into why Boston couldn’t contain the Heat’s shooters and most importantly, Bam Adebayo. The second the season came to a close, off-season rumors began flooding in for what Brad and Danny can do to bring this team a championship. The earliest of these rumors revolved around a possible trade with the Indiana Pacers but does it make sense for both teams? To end the show, Dante and Liam wallow in their failed bets for the week and give an NBA Finals prediction. Just because the season is done for the Celtics doesn’t mean were are! Your favorite co-hosts will still be with you weekly to bring all the rumors, moves, and updates surrounding The Boston Celtics so stay tuned.

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