The Process Is Over

Last night was the final game of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final matchup between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Atlanta Hawks. We saw the 76ers fail to make to the Eastern Conference Final yet again. It is time to announce that “the process” is officially over. Last night was a telling sign that this 76ers team was not as good as people led them on to be. With that being said here are some takeaways that I have after the 76ers loss last night.


Doc Blows Yet Another Series Lead

Doc Rivers has blown a lead in 9 playoff series since winning a title with the Celtics in 2008. This includes blowing multiple 3-1 series leads as well. Doc Rivers needs to be criticized more for his lack of in game adjustments. Prime example last night, Trae Young had an off night and you still continued to double team him. While the matchup that Atlanta exploited was Huerter going up against Seth Curry. Rather than making adjustments, he just let Kevin Huerter continue to dominate that matchup. This was a close game down the stretch, but Doc deserves some blame for this series.

In Game Four and Five you blow double digit leads in games where you could have put yourself in the driver’s seat in the series. You go down 3 games to 2 and head to Atlanta and get a win there in game six. Then game seven comes around and your team just didn’t have it last night. Another huge thing in this series is that Philadelphia did not protect home court at all this series. Trae Young and the Hawks won three out of four in Philadelphia as well. Doc needs to be taken at least 40 percent of the blame here, but there is a name that I am going to discuss now that really needs to take a blame for the 76ers losing in the second round.


Ben Simmons Era Finally Up? 

The Philadelphia 76ers are a year to two years too late on this one, but they really missed the mark here. Ben Simmons was a huge problem for the 76ers this series. I have said it before and I will say it again with Embiid and Simmons on the same team you will never win a championship. They should have traded Simmons for Harden when they had the opportunity last year. Philadelphia fans are definitely regretting that right about now.

Simmons was a non-factor not only in the fourth quarter, but in the series as a whole. Here are some examples of how bad Ben Simmons was.

It has not looked good for Ben Simmons since the start of their playoff series with the Hawks. Something psychologically is wrong with him. He had a wide open opportunity at a dunk in the fourth quarter and he gave it up to make a pass. The numbers speak for themselves, Ben Simmons is currently broken. Philadelphia fans will never forgive him, and it might be hard to find a trade partner for him given that contract as well. By the start of the regular season though, Ben Simmons should not be a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.


Final Thoughts

One thing I will say about the Process is that it was suppose to lead the 76ers to the Promise land, and it for sure has ended in mass chaos. Here is a prime example of how bad the Process has been for Philadelphia.


Yes that is correct, the Atlanta Hawks have been to the conference finals with two completely different teams, while the Process still hasn’t appeared in an Eastern Conference Final since 2000-2001. It has been time well before this, but the process is over and it is time for the 76ers to move on.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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