Brad Stevens speaks publicly for first time since Kemba/Al Horford Trade

We’ve had some time to digest it now. Kemba Walker is in OKC and Al Horford is coming back for his second stint in Boston. I wrote the other day about the actual trade and what it entailed. Now, the cool thing is that we get to hear from President of Basketball Operations (still weird to say/type!) Brad Stevens about the trade and what his thought process was. Let’s break it all down!

Brad Stevens Mentions Al Horford’s Leadership with the Trade

Al Horford has the natural leadership qualities you want to see in a veteran. That doesn’t go unnoticed with this comment. Brad Stevens had the privilege of coaching Al Horford for three seasons. Horford thrived in the Celtics system, even making an All-star appearance during the 2017-2018 season. But it’s the mentoring of the younger players that really stands out. Brad knows exactly what type of demeanor Horford has and it stands out with this comment.

Brad Stevens Mentions Kemba Walker Being Great to Coach with the Trade

Brad Stevens briefly mentioned about Kemba with this trade. All of the things we hear about Kemba being extremely coachable come out here. Kemba was a positive influence after having Kyrie Irving in the fold for two years. This is also the case for when Kemba played for Charlotte. He did all of the right things and I have no doubt that Kemba will continue to do the right thing with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Brad Stevens Mentioned the Financial Flexibility with this Trade

The Celtics needed some financial flexibility to make some moves in the upcoming offseasons. One such move? Re-signing Evan Fournier. This trade helps the Celtics get in a better position to do so. Maybe the chance to sign a guy like Bradley Beal next off-season? Hey, it could happen! With trading away Kemba’s deal and the 2021 first round pick, it allowed for some creative options. Brad knows he has to build around Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown right now. This move helped with that!

In Conclusion

Hopefully this is the first of many moves in the Brad Stevens era. The Celtics have a long road ahead of them to get back to being serious contenders in the East. Maybe Stevens running the ship could be what the Celtics have been missing. We’re in for a fun off-season!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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