The Pro Bowl Should Not Be Played

I am going to start by saying I did not watch the Pro Bowl. I never planned to watch the Pro Bowl. I don’t care that the AFC beat the NFC 26-7.

When I was a youngin’ I would watch the game until halftime and stop after that. The product is terrible and the game should not be played. I know some people are fans of the game but seriously? Do you really find enjoyment in watching players just mess around on the field? Because I sure don’t.

I played football from third grade to my senior year of high school and let me tell you that the game can not be played at half speed. Players are more prone to injuries if they are not going hard 100% of the time. So when players head to Orlando, Florida to play a football game in which they won’t get paid why should they be willing to put their bodies at risk? That is especially true since they just came off a grueling 16 game season.

It is different for the quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes (the winner of the prestigious Pro Bowl MVP) who can just sit there and sling it, but what about the lineman? They just stand there, and I don’t blame them for the reasons I already talked about.

The product is just terrible and not worthy of anyone’s time in my opinion. The skills competition is the only part of the Pro Bowl that’s worth keeping. Kids are interested in those competition type games. This helps the NFL grow their audience by simply having their athletes run through these drills.

Either way the NFL needs to do something because the game is broken. After seeing highlights of players goofing off on a rainy Sunday, I am glad I binge watched Seinfeld instead of watching this pointless game.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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