The Playoffs Are Here!! MLB Season Recap And Playoff Preview!

So I know when I am writing this some games are going on, but I am pretending this is Monday. What a crazy 60 game season it was in the MLB. We had surprise teams make the playoffs, teams stink very bad that should have been good, and so much more! So I did not do a preseason prediction article before the 60 game season, but I did do one if the season started on time. I got some of the standing right, but some wrong. I will give a quick recap of every teams season then give my preview for each series and maybe even a World Series champion. Pat Shuman had his playoff predictions here. Playoff coverage is also found here.


(Bold Teams Made Playoffs)

AL East

Orioles: 25-35 4th in AL East. The Orioles could not figure out all season if they wanted to be a playoff team or tank. They would go on hot streaks and be leading the division one week to 4th place the next. We saw they have potential to be a good team with a few moves.

Red Sox: 24-36 Last in AL East. The Red Sox sucked at sucking. When they had a chance to finish with a top 2 pick in the draft they started to win. But all year long they were losing. Figure it out and get one of those top pitchers!

Yankees: 33-27 2nd in AL East. After starting 16-6 they came down to Earth. Garrit Cole showed that he is human for parts of the season. They were able to stay alive and make it in to the playoffs with the 2nd spot in the AL East.

Rays: 40-20 Won AL East. A lot of people thought the Yankees would run away with the division (I might have been one), but the Rays showed that they were the kings. Their pitching is just so tough to go against everyday.

Blue Jays: 32-28 3rd in AL East. They snuck into the playoffs as the 8th seed. But they showed they are going to contending to win a World Series for years to come. Their offense is dangerous. All they need is some pitching.

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AL Central

White Sox: 35-25 3rd in AL Central. The White Sox blew a chance at winning the AL Central. They had a chance with less than a week to go then just decided to coast the rest of the way. But they are in and I could see them making a run at the AL.

Indians: 35-25 2nd in AL Central. The pitching on the Indians is the scariest thing since Jaws. No one wants to face them right now. Plus the lineup is getting hot. That is how they made it to the playoffs and that is what will carry them.

Tigers: 23-35 Last in AL Central. Well what did we expect out of the Tigers. They are still rebuilding. But they showed some bright young players. Casey Mize is going to be an ace for years to come.

Royals: 26-34 4th in AL Central. Like the Tigers no one expected the Royals to be good. So there is nothing much to report here.

Twins: 36-24 AL Central Champs. Winning the AL Central by 1 game was huge for the Twins. They are so good at home and hitting homeruns! They could be a scary team come playoff time.

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AL West

Astros: 29-31 2nd in AL West. So this could have gone 1 of 2 ways either the Astros would use the cheating as motivation to prove everyone wrong. Or, they would stink and people would see that it really helped them. They went below .500 but made the playoffs because of a bad division. They did have a lot of injuries.

Angels: 26-34 4th in AL West. Come on guys they have more than half the league in the playoffs and the best player cannot make it. I get you signed Anothny Rendon but he does not pitch. That is your biggest need.

Athletics: 36-24 Won AL West. This surprised no one. The A’s are a very good team. They finally got the AL West over the Astros.

Mariners: 27-33 3rd in AL West. Maybe one day they will make the playoffs. The Mariners are starting to show some life and they have a good prospect pool.

Rangers: 22-38 Last in AL West. The basement of the AL. They have some pieces but are not there yet. Hopefully in a few years they will be good again.

Oakland A's face Seattle Mariners, can clinch No. 2 seed

NL East

Braves: 35-25 NL East Champs. 3 years in a row now! The Braves are here and here to stay. The lost some pitching to injury but they are still a very good team.

Marlins: 31-29 2nd in NL East. What a surprise! No one saw this coming. I hope they can make a run in this playoffs.

Mets: 26-34 4th in NL East. This is disappointing to me. They have so much pitching and good hitters. They just can never put it together for a full season.

Phillies: 28-32 3rd in NL East. All they had to do was go 2-6 in their last 8 games to make it to the playoffs. Guess what? They went 1-7. They missed the playoffs. The Phillies need to make the playoffs with the roster.

Nationals: 26-34 Last in NL East. Wow after winning the World Series they came in last. They are a slow start team. for the second year in a row they were 19-31. But this year they did not have 110 games left to come back.

World Series title diminished this year? Not if Braves win, right?

NL Central

Cubs: 34-26 Won NL Central. The Cubs showed they still know how to win. Their pitching was outstanding and their hitters came up big. They are a complete team with a lot of experience under them.

Reds: 31-29 3rd in NL Central. I love this team. They have a lot of pitching depth and have some very good hitters. They are new to the playoffs so we will see what that means. But they have a chance to be good for a while.

Brewers: 29-31 4th in NL Central. They are another disappointment with their roster. They made the playoffs. But I do not see them doing anything in them.

Pirates: 19-41 Last in NL Central. The Pirates are the worst team in baseball. They are very good at being bad. The only way the Pirates win is with new owners. They will not spend the money to be good.

Cardinals: 30-28 2nd in NL Central. They were the kings of doubleheaders. They missed 2 weeks because of COVID and they still made the playoffs. This was a really cool thing to see.

Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) | Twitter

NL West

Diamondbacks: 25-35 Last in NL West. They had a lot of good players coming into the season. But a lot of those players either got hurt or underperformed. That is always sad to see. Hopefully they can bounce back.

Rockies: 26-34 4th in NL West. What a start they had. They looked like they could be one of the better teams in the NL. But injuries and slowing down of players killed them.

Dodgers: 43-17 NL West Champs. They are the best team in baseball. They showed it throughout the season. It is easy to say they can win it all.

Padres: 37-23 2nd in NL West. They had a chance to win the NL West. But they are here now! Watch out league! Tatis Jr is going to win an MVP one day!

Giants: 29-31 3rd in NL West. All they had to do was win 1 of their last 3 games to make it to the playoffs. They lost all 3. It was a surprise they were that close to the playoffs. Maybe in a year or 2 they will be back in it?

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AL Playoffs

Rays vs Blue Jays

This is going to be a good series but I do not think the Jays win a game. They need pitching and the Rays have so much of that. I cannot wait to see the Jays once they find the pitching. This will be Rays in 2.

Indians vs Yankees

This is the one match-up for the Yankees. I honestly had them making a run at the whole thing, but going against the Indians is just so tough. Game 1 might be my favorite game of the whole first round, Bieber vs Cole. That gets me going! But I have the Indians in 3.

Twins vs Astros

The Astros had a very bad season. Lets see if they can show why they won it 3 years ago. But the Twins are playing so well at home. This one is easy for me Twins in 2.

A’s vs White Sox

This one is the most interesting series in the AL. I cannot tell where this one will go. A’s could win it or the White Sox could do it. I have gone back and forth here. I am going to do it White Sox in 3.

NL Playoffs

Dodgers vs Brewers

Not much to talk about here. The Dodgers are the best team in baseball. This will not be close. Dodgers in 2.

Padres vs Cardinals

This one will be good. The Cardinals had to play their butts off to make it. The Padres are an up and coming team. This will be fun to watch. But I am all in on the Padres. Padres in 3!

Cubs vs Marlins

Well the surprise story of the NL was the Marlins. I could see them winning this series. But the Cubs are just too experienced. I have to give it to the Cubs in 3.

Braves vs Reds

I love this match-up. I think this will go all 3. But the Reds are too deep and playing too well. I will be watching this one! Reds in 3.


I think this was one of the craziest seasons ever. There were so many story lines that happened. But now it is playoff time! I am so excited! I do believe this is the Dodgers year to win it. We will see what happens. Lastly as always please go listen to Legends Lingo!

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