THE MOURINHO TOUR: Recap on Chelsea vs. Tottenham Today

One of the most expected matches in the Carabao Cup took place today between Chelsea and Tottenham.

In the English Premier League, both teams have struggled to find their rhythm and while it is early in the season, this year happens to be one of those where a game really means a lot.

The Carabao Cup however has been slightly different.

Chelsea vs. Tottenham – Recap

Both Chelsea and Tottenham come into this match with new additions. Chelsea of course with their major signing of Kai Havertz and Timo Werner.

Tottenham on the other side have the return of a top name in the club, Gareth Bale.

The game here was actually quite entertaining more than actually involving. Chelsea got off to a decent start when Timo Werner netted the go ahead goal for Chelsea at the 19th minute. A goal that set the mood for the game right off the bat.

Tottenham’s boss, Jose Mourinho, had suggested shifting things around for this game but instead actually kept things the same and eventually it worked out well as the Spurs were able to tide things up at the 83rd minute by Erik Lamela.

The Interesting Part(s):

Here is where things got actually interesting rather fast!

At first, Mourinho was off to an angry start especially after the first goal went in the net. As the game continued though some beautiful antics took place.

So, allow me to bring you the action to the palm of your hands as you read this!

Eric Dier RUNS out of the Field? WHAT!?

As you can imagine, when a key player runs down the tunnel ESPECIALLY when there are no more subs available, that is terrifyingly scary regardless of the team.

Well, it happened! Eric Dier ran out of the field with what appeared to be a serious issue for the player. Mourinho later explained during the press conference that Eric Dier has been simply running on fumes. At the restart of soccer around Europe, this was one of the major concerns and the reason why FIFA amended rule #2 of the book and added 2 more subs to allow players to fully be able to remain healthy.

As Eric ran down the tunnel, Jose Mourinho ran right after him to push him to get back into the game! See below:

The second best part of this match though would come at the hands of the managers and pals, Frank Lampard and Jose Mourinho.

Jose is known around the world for his antics, and this year is definitely no different for the boss! The fiery exchange between the two was actually hilarious and it didn’t fail from becoming entertaining. However, it was a rough one for Lampard as Mourinho got the last laugh because of a failed penalty kick during the shoot out by Mason Mount.

Let me give you a taste of that fiery exchange, one of the many reasons why people love Jose and call him the Special One!

In Conclusion…

Don’t be surprised by any means to see more of these fiery exchanges from Jose Mourinho with anybody around the league. The guy is so deeply passionate about the game that when he loses his cool, it is by far more entertaining than ever!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter)

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