MLB Preview: What If The Season Started on Time?

I miss baseball as much, if not more than anyone else. A little background on myself: I play baseball in a men’s league (yes I am washed up), I coach travel baseball and help run a travel league based out of New England. So during the baseball season, I am like a chicken with his head cutoff. So without any baseball, I am going a little crazy. As I said last week, I do play MLB The Show, but that doesn’t solve it.

So I decided I would do my MLB season preview and make believe the season was starting on March 26th. I will do records for each team and have standing for each division. Under each division, I will have a little write up about it. Then, I’ll get into playoffs and talk about each series and why it goes the way I have it. I will lastly talk about awards and who I see winning them. Feel free to tweet at me if you disagree with me.

AL East:

  1. Yankees 101-61
  2. Rays 95-67
  3. Blue Jays 88-74
  4. Red Sox 82-80
  5. Orioles 50-112

The Yankees got their ace with Garrett Cole this office and if they can stay health the offense is deadly. I believe Santon and Judge could both hit 60 homeruns if they can play a full season. The Rays are always a strong team that will make it to the wildcard game. With the prospects they have it could put them over the top and they could make a run. The Jays are a team I could see sneaking into the playoffs. They remind me of the 2018 Braves that were a year early.

AL Central:

  1. Twins 98-64
  2. Indians 88-74
  3. White Sox 81-81
  4. Royals 73-89
  5. Tigers 65-97

The AL Central is probably the weakest division in baseball, but the Twins have gotten better. Adding Nelson Cruz adds another slugger to an already deep order. While the Indians are slowly dying in front of us. The White Sox have made some huge improvements but still are a year or two away.

AL West:

  1. Astros 96-66
  2. A’s 90-52
  3. Angels 86-76
  4. Rangers 80-82
  5. Mariners 70-92

The Astros are still the class of the AL West, but do not be surprised if the A’s make a run at it. I just think there is too much talent on the Astros to not win this division. The Angles are heading in the right direction but still need pitching.

NL East:

  1. Braves 100-62
  2. Nationals 98-64
  3. Phillies 90-52
  4. Mets 86-76
  5. Marlins 55-107

The NL East might be the strongest division in all of baseball. If the Mets pitching holds up this could be a 4 teams race. The Braves though are the best team still with Ronald Acuna still getting better and Ian Anderson coming up to add to that rotation. The Phillies could be the surprise team in the NL and make the Wild Card.

NL Central:

  1. Cardinals 90-72
  2. Brewers 88-74
  3. Cubs 86-76
  4. Reds 82-82
  5. Pirates 72-90

Besides the Pirates the NL Central is the closest division. The Reds got a whole lot better and the Brewers were a health Christian Yelich away from winning the division for the second straight year. The Cubs window is closing but they might have some fight left in them with a new manager in David Ross.

NL West:

  1. Dodgers 105-57
  2. Padres 88-74
  3. D-Backs 84-78
  4. Rockies 83-79
  5. Giants 80-82

The Dodgers are the best team in baseball on paper. They will have the best line-up and one of the best pitching staffs. They also are hungry to make it back and win the World Series. The Padres are only getting better with experience and will be a year away from making some big noise in the playoffs.

Playoff Standings


  1. Yankees
  2. Twins
  3. Astros
  4. Rays (WC 1)
  5. A’s (WC 2)


  1. Dodgers
  2. Braves
  3. Cardinals
  4. Nationals (WC 1)
  5. Phillies (WC 2)

AL Playoffs:

Wild Card A’s over Ray – A’s will get back at the Rays for 2019 and move on to the Divisional Round. The A’s bullpen will hold the Rays bats down.

Divisional Round:

#1 Yankees sweep #5 A’s – The Yankees bats are just too much for the A’s and hit their way through the first round to move on to the ALCS.

#3 Astros over (3-1) #2 Twins – The talent in the Astros is just too much for the Twins. The Astros are set to rematch the Yankees in the ALCS.

Championship Series:

#1 Yankees over Astros in seven games – this is another classic series but the Yankees finally get over the hump and beat the Astros. The Yankees pitching staff with former ace of the Astros Garrett Cole shuts down the offense of the Astros.

NL Playoffs:

Wild Card Nationals beat the Phillies – The Nationals have no World Series hangover and take care of the Phillies. The experience helps the Nationals in this one game playoff.

Divisional Round:

#1 Dodgers get back at the Nationals (3-2) – the Dodgers needed revenge against the Nationals from 2019. This series is a tight one throughout and the Dodgers line-up and pitching just keeps them in it to take it.

#2 Braves sweep the #3 Cardinals – after Game 5 last year between these 2 where the Cardinals put up 10 runs in the 1st the Braves get the job done. This is the series that puts the Braves over the top and get them to the NLCS.

#1 Dodgers win a 7 game series over the #2 Braves. This is the best series of all of them so far. The Braves give the Dodgers everything them they have, but it is just not enough. The Dodgers are just on a mission to win it all.

World Series:

Dodgers over Yankees in 7 games. This is the World Series it is built up to be. The Yankees and Dodgers make blow for blow. But the Dodgers finally win their World Series after being in the 3rd in the last 4 seasons.



  • CY Young – Gerrit Cole – He finally gets his CY Young. After nearly winning it in 2019 Cole puts together another great season and wins it.
    • Dark Horse: Tyler Glasnow – he was putting together a great season before getting hurt. Do not be surprised if you see him put up another one like that.
  • MVP – Francisco Lindor – He finally puts it all together to win an MVP award. Even though the Indians are declining Lindor only gets better.
    • Dark Horse: Aaron Judge – if he can stay healthy I can see 60 homeruns out of him. Judge should have won the 2017 MVP so this could be the year he figures it out and wins it.
  • Rookie of the Year: Luis Roberts – He signed a big contract before even making it to the White Sox. This guy have huge potential and will make an impact right away. We will be talking about him for years to come


  • CY Young – Jack Flaherty – he had one of the best second halves ever and if he can come close to matching it he will be able to win a CY Young. He will lead the Cardinals to the playoffs and get some votes from that.
    • Dark Horse: Chris Paddack – He is an easy 200 strike out guy and if the Padres are to have any success it will be on the back of their ace. Paddack could get a lot of votes if the Padres are close to the playoffs.
  • MVP – Ronald Acuna Jr – He is coming of a near 40-40 season and I think he gets to it this year. He will stay healthy and be able to hit 40 homeruns. He is a true 5 tool player and will find a way to win a lot of games for the Braves.
    • Dark horse: Nolan Arenado – He has been so consistent since coming up to the Rockies. After being in trade rumors all off season Arenado has something to prove.

Wrap Up

I hope this helps with no baseball being played. It was a lot of fun to write this and think about what could happen. Yes, I am in the hype train of the Yankees and Dodgers. But I can see a team like the Braves winning it all. Please let me know your thoughts! Be Safe!

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-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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