The Pittsburgh Steelers Are A Joke

For weeks and weeks, the Steelers have been talking about their potential meeting with the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Weather it has been guys talking about the Patriots this week, even though they had a Jaguars team coming in that beat them down in October. Leveon Bell, had been talking about potentially retiring if he is franchised again, In the middle of the playoffs. Then of course his stupid tweet about round twos, on saturday night after the Patriots handled their business.

I suppose, I have been watching the Patriots do things a certain way for some many years, that the “Steelers Way” just doesn’t make any sense to me. How can you dismiss a team who rolled you in your place in october? I thought all week it was crazy, but I didn’t think Blake Bortles would go up their and beat them. The Steelers overlooked a good football team and got bounced, and I love it.

I personally am a Mike Tomlin fan. But the way he lets these guys act in the regular season, just does not work in the playoffs. You can’t just disregard teams in the divisional round of the playoffs. This Steelers team had an obsession with the Patriots, and could not keep it in their pants all week and the lack of attention showed when the Jaguars got up 21-0 in the first half. Mike Tomlin is a good coach in my opinion, but I think its time for a change of philosophy down their. They need to focus on what they can control until they can control it.

Big Ben is a great quarterback, he has been one of my favorites since he’s come into the league. He’s always struggled with the Patriots, and now has playoff losses to Tim Tebow and Blake Bortles, just ugly. With Tomlin as coach, Ben as quarterback, these Steelers just don’t have what it takes to beat Brady and Bill. They just don’t get it, and I’m not sure they ever will.

NFL fans will get as better game this week, the Jags matchup better with the Patriots, especially on defense. The Jaguars will come in with nothing to lose, and just fly around on sunday. We are in for a good one this week, especially since the Steelers are home watching, where they belong.

Written by: Danny Dipietrantonio 


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