J.D. Martinez Says He’ll Wait Into Spring Training If He Does Not Get A Deal He Feels He Deserves

Looks like we got ourselves a good ol’ Mexican Standoff on our hands and it could get ugly in a hurry.

JD Martinez has reportedly expressed that he will hold out into spring training in hopes of an increase in market value…not until, INTO!!! Well what the heck dude? We all know you want to come hit some moonshots onto the Mass Pike, just admit it and sign the deal. It is not that hard!

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out though and which side ends up caving in first. To be honest, I think there are other teams involved in Martinez, there has to be right? Anyways, I think he wants to play for Boston and is just trying to get the best possible offer out of them. I don’t think he will actually hold out into Spring training and I dont think he will end up playing anywhere else. I think the sox end up over paying and giving to many years to him but that’s just me.

Lets just play the what if game here for a second. What if he does end up playing somewhere else? What should the Sox next move be? I think it is simple. Hold strong to what the offer you gave JD and if he does not budge then fine go get a guy that for some reason no one is talking about, Carlos Gonzalez. Cargo is coming off a down year and could be signed to a relatively small deal almost as in a prove yourself role, similar to what the Sox did with Mike Napoli in 2013. I think you offer him a one year deal and let him go out and prove he can still play and that way you get the best out of him. Doing this allows you to save up some money to go after Bryce Harper or Manny Machado next offseason, assuming neither guy resigns with their respective teams.

Cargo was one of the games best players and I still think has a lot left in the tank to show off. You bring him and allow him to just constantly play pepper with the Green Monster I wouldn’t be shocked if you see his numbers climb back up to a career high. He has the ability to drive the ball all over the field and adding that to the lineup could be exactly what we need.

With that being said, it is a risk and like every risk there is a possibility that it could backfire and Cargo could end up just being another dud that you hoped to catch lightning in a bottle with. That is why I still want Martinez and it should be the Sox top priority but I don’t think they should just cave in and give him whatever he wants because lets face it, he is not THAT good. He will without a doubt provide the pop we need but he is not at the “get him at any cost level”. I still think he is being just a little bit full of himself thinking he is on that level especially when counting this year he has only hit 30 or more HR’s in a year twice. Again dont get me wrong I can not speak more highly of him and would love him in a Red Sox uniform. But this “Holding out into spring training” is starting to make me think that this guy believes he is Stanton or Ted Williams. JD you are a fantastic player but please do not get a big head because if you do end up coming here and if you do not end up performing, well sorry to say but our fans will chew you up and spit you out like you are just another average joe paying $9.25 for a bud light.

The Sox need him and I think will end up getting him BEFORE spring training. I just hope they do not do what I think they will do and that is end up giving him a few extra years on the back-end and over pay for him. Lets just end this stand-off please, my heart can’t take it anymore.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@perdios95)

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