Jalen Ramsey Guarantees Super Bowl Victory

Jalen Ramsey, what are you doing? Sure, I get that he was trying to get the crowd hyped up after his Jaguars upset the Steelers yesterday, but isn’t this video kind of hypocritical? I mean, this feels exactly like what Steelers’ players were doing last week when they were all talking about playing the Patriots before getting past Jacksonville. Look what happened to them, they overlooked the Jags, and they lost. Don’t you think that would have taught him a lesson? Something like, don’t talk about what you’re GOING to do, but what you just DID instead? Same goes for the fans. Wishing to play the greatest QB of all time is one of the most bizarre​ things I’ve ever seen:

Not to mention, the head coach on the other sideline is the one head coach in the NFL that eats bulletin​ board material for breakfast. I bet Bill Belichick has these videos on a loop all week leading up to kickoff on Sunday.

But with that said, there are definitely​ reasons to be concerned about this matchup for the Patriots. For starters, the Tom Coughlin curse scares the shit out of me. Not only that, but this defense does appear to be pretty legit. They have one of the best cornerback pairings​ in the league with Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye. And they have a d-line that helped them finish second in sacks this year. Tom Coughlin + a terrifying defense is a recipe​e for success against the Pats.

So yes, Jalen Ramsey’s confidence in his team is justified. But maybe instead of talking, just shut up and let your play do the talking for you? You aren’t going to hear anything like this out of the Patriots locker room, and that’s why they have sustained this run of success for so long. They are well coached and well-disciplined.

I love Ramsey as a player, but the playoffs are a different monster and I don’t think he’s realized that yet. He’s gotten through the first two rounds, but let’s see if he can get by the guy who basically lives in the AFC Championship game, Tom Brady.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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