The Only Relief Pitcher The Red Sox Should Sign: Adam Ottavino

Now that my tears have begun to dry up from Joe Kelly moving on to the Dodgers, it is time for me to refocus on who the Red Sox really need to sign to fix the bullpen.

I know there’s plenty of options on the market this year but to be honest… all but one guy is going to be a bust! That one guy, is Adam Ottavino. 

Ottavino is beyond nasty. He has a wipe out slider that basically looks like he is throwing a whiffle ball. It is not fair! He posted a 2.43 ERA in 77 innings while striking out 112 all while pitching in Coors Field for half the games. 

The other reason I want him is because the dude is flat out baseball smart. He comes on MLB Network once in a while and holy shit is this guy smart! He has also came out and straight up said he could strike out Babe Ruth. Love the confidence and need that in my life.

If losing Kelly — who let’s face it was very streaky this year — means getting Ottavino, sign me the hell up!

I’ve said it once and  I will say it again. We don’t need anyone else to fill in our bullpen besides one lights out guy AKA Adam Ottavino.

We have plenty of young guys in the minors that I think could easily fit in nicely to eat up some of the middle innings if need be!

Spend your money on Ottavino and let’s save the rest for Mookie! 

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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