Ben Simmons Apparently Can Shoot

This video is a pretty accurate portrayal of how fans react to Ben Simmons hitting a three. For the whole season he has run exclusively the don’t shoot play and it’s worked alright for him.

It seems as though he does have the ability to launch the ball into the hoop from a distance, something we have long been unsure about him. Many will ask why he doesn’t try the jump-shot play live in game when it could benefit him and the team. Many will ask that.

I’ll never understand guys like Simmons or Giannis who don’t seem to build on a three point shot.

Giannis has improved, but you figure if he’d just spend an entire offseason on a jumper he would come back flat out unstoppable. Same goes for Simmons, where a jumper is really the only hole in his game but it’s such a tremendously gaping hole that it prevents him from really taking that next step.

If Simmons can really put a three pointer into his game, it would move him into a top-tier player who can really take over and dominate games.

-Riley Banks (@rileybanks10)

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