The Oaf of Baseball

I have seen enough… I’m done! It’s time for Rob Manfred to step down as Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Rob Manfred is an oaf and starting to become the worst commissioner in sports. That’s absolutely saying something given that Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman still run their respective leagues. 

We judge commissioners by what they have done to help grow their sport. My question is what has Rob Manfred done to help the growth of baseball? I can’t answer that question. Every decision that Manfred has done has hurt the game of baseball, specifically in 3 areas: Restart of 2020 season, handling of the Astros cheating scandal, and the decline of baseball

Restart of the 2020 Season

The negotiations to restart the 2020 season between the MLB and MLBPA were the worst negotiations since the Players Strike of 1994-1995. Part of the reason Manfred became Commissioner was because he led the labor talks and its peace since that strike. If one of the key qualifications to become commissioner in Manfred’s case was because you brought peace during labor talks. Then during key negotiations to get a plan to start a season during a middle of pandemic, you had it basically blow up in your face and strain relations so badly that when CBA is up next offseason that it could cause a lockout in MLB. That’s not great!

Handing of the Astros Cheating Scandal

What the Houston Astros did was probably one of the worst sports scandals in all of North American sports. If we took globally it would be small compared to what FIFA has done over the years. How Commissioner Manfred responded was a lot worse than how the NFL has dealt with Patriots over the years. Literally, the report from the Commissioners office didn’t even cover the full story. It also protected the Astros players from suspension while blacklisting Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran from the game because they falsified roles in this scandal. This decision angered a lot of players, coaches and fans. The Astros were still going to have to face the music pandemic or not. What happened Tuesday night was truly justice served and players policing their own game. What Joe Kelly did should be acknowledged with a minor suspension like a game or two, but not 8. The sports world should focus on what happened last night and what can make baseball exciting again. How did Manfred respond by gutlessily protecting those cheaters instead of letting the players handle it.

The Decline of Baseball

Granted this isn’t entirely his fault, but Manfred has done nothing to solve the problem and has more than likely made it way worse during his short time as Commissioner. Decline in Baseball in the community is truly devastating to see. Baseball has become more of a regional interest than a national pastime. MLB games are too slow, too expensive for the average American family, and run too late into the night and you don’t even have kids watching and following the stars of the game today. That’s a huge problem and there is no plan to solve it, but instead Commissioner Manfred is taking it in a whole other direction.

Commissioner Manfred you have failed at your job and let down the players, its fans and the future of the sport of baseball. 

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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