Jamal Adams off to Seattle

The Exit

Jamal Adams is one of the NFL’s most elite defensive players. He’s also going to be known for his rowdy exit from the New York Jets, where he made his feelings clear he was not willing to continue to play football in New York. Adams is a true hybrid safety that’s an ultimate run stopper. The Jets selected Adams out of LSU with the sixth overall pick in the 2017 Draft. He went on to play three full seasons with the Jets where he started in 46 out of the 48 possible career games. In the 46 career games he played, Adams had 273 total tackles, 28 tackles for loss, 25 pass deflections, 12 sacks, and two total Touchdowns.

The former first round draft pick is a threat to immediately improve any team he is on which is why he made his exit out of New York very well known. As talented as this player is, what credibility does he lose by bad mouthing both an Owner and a Head Coach? Even if you don’t agree with the front office, what Adams did was both immature and wrong. If I am the Seattle Seahawks, I hope this was just a one time skit.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks now get another top talent on their roster. Add this All Pro Safety to play with Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, D.K. Metcalf and you got yourself a contender for years to come. Adams will play out his current contract for $3.5M in 2020 and $9.8M in 2021. Both sides will most likely work out a long term deal. As long as Russell Wilson is around the Seahawks will be a contender. We all have to assume that Adams will be of usage similar to Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas.  What Thomas did for Seattle was special and Adams fills the same role and skill set for that scheme. Adams is basically a linebacker who can cover all positions on the field that loves to play close to the line of scrimmage. The San Francisco 49ers now have some serious competition breathing down their neck after this trade. These two teams will battle all year for the NFC West Division Title. With the Rams being an above average team and the Arizona Cardinals signing DeAndre Hopkins, the NFC West is now the toughest division in football.

The Future

Jamal Adams received his first All Pro Honor last season and I expect him to repeat that accolade in 2020. The Seahawks are going to let Adams play all over the field in many different packages. Adams and Bobby Wagner are going to put together a really strong defense. This trade also makes Seattle much more attractive for Clowney who is now a Free Agent after doing a one year stint in Seattle. If Clowney lands back in Seattle this team may just have the best defense in the NFL once again. This defense could even surpass the legion of boom. However, that is a big if due to the fact Clowney wants to play for a certain amount of money and most likely will receive it from another franchise.

-Fred O’Brien (@FOBSportsNFL)

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