The NFL Needs to Ban the ‘Gator Roll’

The NFL has outlawed most plays that have any chance of needlessly harming its players. Key word “most”. I say that because yesterday in the Seattle Seahawks 38-31 victory over the Dallas Cowboys, there was a disgusting play that made my stomach turn.

With three minutes left in the fourth quarter, Seattle running back Chris Carson was unnecessarily injured. Carson – who is now scheduled to miss 1-2 weeks with a knee sprain– was hurt when Dallas defensive tackle Trysten Hill “gator rolled” with Carson’s knee locked in his arms.

The play was as dirty as a pig rolling around in a pile of mud. It was a blatant effort to try and injure someone for no good reason. @SharpFootball on Twitter said it best, tweeting that, “these gator death rolls with players legs are 100% intended to injure and the NFL needs to outlaw this garbage & levy fines”.

The NFL continues to campaign the statement that they care about player safety, but if players are still allowed to do things like this, I can’t believe what they are saying. Just imagine how Chris Carson feels about it this morning.

But whatever the case, there is no room for this in football, or any sport. Hill should be suspended and / or fined into oblivion. What he did can’t be tolerated, and you can’t blame Seattle or Pete Carroll for feeling as strongly as they do.

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– Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @AroundTheNFL

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